Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS)

One of the tools used by banks to evaluate the credit worthiness of a customer is to refer to the CCRIS report obtained (and maintained) by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). Beginning August 2001, CCRIS has become a crucial tool to the decision-making of the bank to approve the customer’s application. The report provides for real-time and on-line functions for banks to query for computerised customer credit reports as well as reporting relevant credit information to BNM.

CCRIS gives valuable details to the bank such as:

  • Details of all existing personal credit facilities of a customer, such as type of facility, and ownership of the credit facilities
  • Details on the total financial commitment, which includes the balance outstanding and the total limit for each of the credit facilities
  • Conduct of each credit facility for the past 12 months, including legal status
  • Other relevant information such as Date of Information Update, Frequency of Payment and Type of Collateral.

However, before you get worried about your credit information being abused, please note that the information can only be accessed by authorised persons in the bank, and is not available to the public in general. Your credit report:

  • Can only be obtained by the bank IF a formal CREDIT application is made by you to that particular bank
  • Cannot be viewed by other banks, at any time
  • Does not show your deposit / investment accounts
  • Does not show from which financial institution you borrowed from
  • Does not show the tenure of the credit facility enjoyed by you
  • Does not show the conduct of facilities for periods above one year

Generally, when a Bank extract CCRIS report, they will have access to various credit reports such as:

  • Summary Credit Report – Information on the total credit exposure and conduct of account of the customer
  • Detailed Credit Report – Information on the specific outstanding credit facilities and new credit applications of a borrower
  • Motor Vehicle Report – Information of motor vehicles which are used as collateral for credit facilities
  • Customer Supplementary Information Report – Information on the addresses, telephone numbers, employers names and occupation of the customer for the last 3 years.

However, as a consumer requesting the credit report directly from BNM, a consumer will only be able to obtain the Summary Credit Report, as a reference to the total exposure and conduct of the account. The report will list down all outstanding loans and applications under the borrower’s name, joint borrowings, sole proprietorships as well as associations and partnership borrowings.

How do you get hold of this report? As a consumer, we have the right to obtain this report which greatly impacts our financial situation, also as a means to check if the records are consistent to our own loans. BNM Kuala Lumpur has a special counter for obtaining the report during office hours, located at the Ground Floor Block D. I understood that now there are also electronic kiosk for this, and that will certainly make the process of obtaining the reports much faster. Bring your IC and your Driving license (with the picture on it) for verification.

For a sample on how the report looks like, click on link for a Sample CCRIS Report

Explanation on some of the terms:

    • The report is divided into two main areas i.e. the Outstanding Credit, where it displays all your existing credit facilities, and the Application For Credit, which shows all the loan application you made in the past 12 months, whether it was Approved, Pending or Rejected by the bank.
  2. STS
    • Indicates the status of the credit facility. <O> means Oustanding i.e. on-going facility. Other terms include <P> Pending, <A> Approved, <R> Rejected, <S> Settled, <W> Write Off, <C> Rescheduled, <T> Restructured.
    • Indicates the capacity the borrowing you took from the bank i.e. as a <Own> own applicant, <SOLE> sole proprietor, <PARTNER> partnership, <JOINT> joint application.
    • Indicates the type of institution you borrowed from e.g. <OWN> the same bank where you applied for the new loan, <CB> Other commercial banks, <MB> Merchant banks,<FC> Finance companies, etc.
  5. MY/FGN
    • Indicates whether you are a Malaysian applicant or foreign applicant.
    • Indicates the type of facility enjoyed with the various banks. Includes <OVRDRAFT> Overdraft, <HLFNPRSR> Housing Loan, <HRPCSCGD> Hire Purchase for scheduled goods, <LEASING> Leasing facilities, <STLNFNCE> Staff Loans, <OTLNFNCE> Other Loans including personal loans, <CRDTCARD> Credit Cards, etc.
    • Indicates the outstanding loan amount of other credit facilities at date of new loan application.
    • The date where information on existing credit facilities is updated to BNM system.
  9. LIMIT (RM)
    • The original loan amount approved, or if revolving credit facilities (such as credit cards or overdraft), the limit assigned for the credit facility.
    • Whether the repayment frequency is Monthly <MTH>, Quarterly <QTR>, Annually <ANN>, Revolving <REV>, or other frequencies.
  11. COL TYPE
    • Indicates the collateral type used by the bank to secure your credit facility. Includes <00> Clean facilities (no collateral), <10> Properties, <23> Unit Trusts, <30> Motor Vehicles, <60> Plant and Machineries, <70> Financial Guarantees, etc.
    • Most IMPORTANT part of the report, where the track record of conduct for each credit facilities for the past 12 months are indicated (J=January, F=February…. D=December, based on year).
    • If it is indicated as “0” under <J> January, it means your instalment for January is up-to-date. If “1”, it means your instalment is 1 month in arrears (overdue) in January, “2” means 2 months instalment overdue in January, “3” means 3 months overdue and considered delinquent, etc.
    • If there are too many “2”s and “3”s and/or above, your conduct of credit account may be considered as “poor”, according to each bank’s interpretation.
  13. LGL STS
    • Indicates the legal action status of your account if it is in default. The bank can know the action taken such as <10> Summon/Writ files, <11> Judgement Order, <12> Bankruptcy, <17> Winding Up order, <18> Auction, <20> Receivership / Section 176, <12> Settled / Discharged, etc.
    • Indicates the date of latest update on the legal action status. Useful as some status are not updated on time, especially when you have a discharge letter from the lawyers.

Please note that CCRIS is used by the bank as a TOOL for loan decision making as the existing track records indicates the POTENTIAL risks a bank may face in the future if they approve the new application. It is NOT THE ONLY tool used by banks to evaluate your credit worthiness, as there are many other risk-mitigation criteria the banks can adopt, such as (list not exhaustive):

  • Reduced Margin of Financing
  • Higher Financing Rates
  • Good Potential for Higher Capital Appreciation for the Property
  • Strong Debt Servicing Ratio (Repayment Capability)
  • Additional Collaterals / Guarantee / Joint Applicant
  • Good Conduct of Other Existing Credit Facilities with own bank (e.g. Credit Cards, other loans).

However, do remember that successful loans do not rely on only CCRIS records. Depending on the type of loan, there are also other factors that determine the viability of a loan to a customer. For example, a housing loan emphasises the value of the property and repayment capability more than CCRIS records, but for unsecured loans, CCRIS is crucial. Click here to read on Successful Loan Applications.

The “Central Credit Bureau” was established under Sectin 30(1)(mmm) of the Central Bank of Malaysia Act 1958, the provision reproduced as follows:

The Bank may –

establish a credit bureau to collect, in such manner as the Bank may think fit, credit information on the customers of banking institutions and other financial institutions and to disclose the information so collected in such manner as may be deemed appropriate by the Bank to these institutions:

Provided that the credit information so collected shall be used solely for the purpose of operating the credit bureau and that any information disclosed by the Bank to such institutions shall be secret between the Bank and these institutions.


Check out the website for the Credit Bureau by BNM (Click Above Icon)

Other questions that I was always asked by readers are:

  1. Must I come personally to collect my CCRIS? The answer is “yes”. You must be present at the BNM counter to present your NRIC for verification. They even need your thumbprint for that as well, before the report is printed.
  2. How often can I request for the report and what are the charges? Currently, there are no charges imposed by BNM for the report for individuals, but reports can only be generated by BNM every 3 months. All you need for the purpose of requesting the report is your original IC at the BNM counter.
  3. Can I appoint someone to collect the CCRIS on my behalf? The short answer will be “no”, but there are circumstances where you may collect the report on someone else’s behalf, with the proper documentation. The circustances to which this is possible (but it also depends on BNM approval to such request) is when you are requesting the reports on behalf of a deceased party or a “medically invalid” individual. As to how it is interpreted as “medically invalid”, I am not sure, but for death cases, you should be the estate administrator for the deceased to collect this. I personally have not seen this process done, so some of my explanation on this may require further fine tuning.
  4. Can I get my CCRIS reports online? Currently, that is not possible, but you do have an option if you are unable to come all the way to BNM to collect the report i.e. fill up a form and apply via mail (SNAIL MAIL!!!, NOT EMAIL) with some verification documents needed i.e. copy of your IC and Two (2) supporting documents that shows your name and address (such as utility bills and driving license). When the report is ready, collect the report at your Financial Institution (such as banks that have your account) nearest to your location. You will probably be asked for documents at the bank for verification before the report is released to you. Click this link to get to the page where the Application Form is available. APPLICATION FORM FOR CCRIS (MAIL)

Bank Negara’s Credit Bureau, which is in charge of CCRIS, also have lots of good information for you. Their FAQ section is really useful to understand how CCRIS work. Click on the below logo to read those FAQs.

Click here to go to Credit Bureau FAQ

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190 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. man
    Aug 13, 2008 @ 15:35:25

    hi. how could we (public) know/look into our own CCRIS record? reason: if we know that my CCRIS record is not good then we would surely avoid paying the (normally 10% downpayment) for S&P (or keep off totally the idea to buy property). in other words, quit it early before terjebak. tq


  2. Amir
    Aug 14, 2008 @ 09:12:19

    If I am not mistaken, this is still how you do it.

    You can take a look at your CCRIS record and how well it is being conducted by going to Bank Negara Malaysia office, at the front counter, tell the person manning it that you want a print-out of your CCRIS report.

    They will ask you for your NRIC, and with that, they are able to print it out for you.

    I am not sure about the charges now, but a couple of years ago, it was free. When a Bank pulls out the report for their loan evaluation purposes, it cost them RM2-00 per inquiry, so for individuals, if there is a charge, should be about that range as well.

    It is good advice to actually know how your CCRIS look like BEFORE putting down your downpayment for a house. Otherwise, if your loan is not approved, then you are in trouble!

    But you should know how your payments records are, right? 🙂


  3. Adam
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 18:07:34

    I have been joined AKPK about half year ago, but now when I need to opening a saving account for crediting my salary, the bank refuse to do so.. So now my company issued cheque for my monthly salary. What I can do for this matter?



  4. qilamonster
    Sep 21, 2008 @ 11:02:16

    Adam, that’s a bit difficult to resolve, if I have to be honest. It really depends on the Banks policy, some Banks allow you to open, other don’t. It is a matter of finding which Bank allows you to open when you are signed up to AKPK.

    Ask the folks at AKPK to help you resolve the problem. I am sure they have their “friendly” banks. Good luck


    Jan 23, 2009 @ 15:03:05

    could you plese tell me the purpose of CCRIS Supplementary Customer Report


    • Amir
      Jun 04, 2009 @ 21:47:51

      Sorry for the delay, Yogesh.

      If your question is still not answered by now, the supplementary customer reports provide more details on certain certain credit facilities shown in CCRIS. For example, if in the main report shows one of your loans having a “LEGAL” status, then a supplementary report will show that is the details for that loan i.e. case pending, settled or restructured. It just provide more specific details on a certain entry, if requested by the bank.


  6. Shafiq
    Jan 29, 2009 @ 12:52:09

    I am a guarantor to a friend for his personal loan. Unfortunately he didn’t pay up the loan he took according to the agreement.

    My question is in this situation, does it affected my credit report with CCRIS and my application for loan in future?


    • qilamonster
      Feb 01, 2009 @ 15:34:36

      Unfortunately, if the personal loan is with a bank, your CCRIS will be affected, but it will be tagged as a “G” i.e. Guarantor. Depending on which bank, some banks take that into account, other don’t; depending on the Bank’s credit policy. If the amount is big, or the loan is now in the “LEGAL ACTION” stage, the bank will usually reject your loan application. The best advice is to check your CCRIS yourself at Bank Negara to see how your report looks like. Bring the report when you go talk to a bank for your loan application, and ask the officer of their opinion of the possibility of approval.


        Aug 29, 2018 @ 13:23:14

        According to BNM ,guarantor not show in own ccris report . And don’t have any record in ccris

  7. Eric K
    Apr 20, 2009 @ 19:13:47

    hi Amir,

    I’ve found a second hand house lately n wanted to buy it. But was really afraid of not getting a loan from the bank.

    if there is, which bank do u think it is easiest to get a home loan?

    I have bad credit reports with the ccris but it was quite a long time ago n was all cleared by 31st december 2007. Now when i print my ccris report, it only shows my credit card and personal loan status. Will the bank be looking at the same thing or do they have other internal reports that they refer to?

    reason being is that i applied for a credit card n it was approved on january 2008, after a year i applied for another(from a few banks) n was all rejected. Fyi payments for my current card was regular n on time.

    Please advice thanks.

    Note : CCRIS report can be obtained from bank negara front counter at no charge.



    • Amir
      Jun 04, 2009 @ 21:11:57

      Hello Eric,

      I guess the banks are looking at different things now, especially during an economic crisis. It may not be your CCRIS thats resulting in the rejection. It could be a number of factors such as:
      1) Your total monthly commitment exceeds 33% or 50% against your monthly salary. Depending from one bank to another, Banks now tend not to provide credit above a certain threshold as they might want to capture “solid” customers during economic crisis.
      2) Bad records are still available in the market. Maybe your CCRIS is clear, but how about CTOS? Have you checked if anything turned up from there? Ask the Bank if there is.
      3) Too much credit cards application. Sometimes credit approvers reject you application if they see that you have applied (and pending approve) several credit cards from several/many banks at the same time / or within a short period of time. The concern is that if the other application for credit cards get approved by the other banks at the same time, your exposure to unsecured credit goes up. So the bank processing the card now rejects your application. For example, you submitted credit card application for limit of RM10,000 (if your salary is RM3,500 per month) to 5 banks (Bank A, B, C, D, E). In the CCRIS report obtained by the bank, it will show 5 application for credit submitted and pending approval, amounting to a total RM50,000 unsecured credit limit. If all your application gets approved, this will make you a high risk applicant. So the bank will reject it. Other banks will also look at the same report and reject is as well.

      What I am saying is that, there are so many internal criteria for rejection, but CCRIS is the first line of defense. If CCRIS fails, the remaining criteria will not matter. But what I suspect is that it is because of the economic situation, credit is tighter. Also do not apply the cards from different banks all at the same time; spread out your application period. This will give the bank an impression that you are not too desparate for credit (even if you really are).

      But overall, you should ask the bank whether it is rejected because of CCRIS or CTOS because they are two different things. Most probably, if you have a bad loan history, it will be CTOS if you have settled the loan more than 12 months. This is because CCRIS maintain records only for the past 12 months; anything other than that will not show in CCRIS.


      • Ayie666
        Oct 21, 2009 @ 21:12:47

        Excellent review!

        I am facing the exact same situation with my credit card apps. I made a mistake of applying through an agent because I badly wanted a credit card facility. He advised me to apply several cards from different banks and keep whichever one that comes first and cancel the ones I receive later.

        After having 4 of my half dozen applications rejected I was worried if it has anything to do with my credit history (bad history with Diners Club which was settled 4 years ago). I checked with CTOS and it appears that they have no report against me so I wondered if it could be in CCRIS. But then I read this review and it makes a whole lot of sense now!

        I will apply one card at a time and be patient.

        Thanks Amir. You provide brilliant insights!

  8. sync
    May 25, 2009 @ 15:17:16

    just two question, can I clear my name from blacklisting-reported by CCRIS and how to do it?


    • Amir
      Jun 04, 2009 @ 21:23:27

      Hello Sync,

      CCRIS is not a dynamic report but a static one. It does not blacklist on its own, but relies on the updates and reports sent by all the banks you are borrowing from. You have to clear your name from your bank, and not from CCRIS (which is under Bank Negara). The function of CCRIS is more like giving users (Banks) the summary of your account conduct as reported by the various banks.

      Another point is that, if you are late in payment (lets say 6 months arrears in Feb 2008) but you have paid off the arrears in March 2008, the records will still show February = 6 months, March = 0 months, April = 0 months. As CCRIS is a report for 12 month period, the 6 months in arrears records will only disappear in February 2009 (12 months later). You just cannot erase or request to clear it before that, as it is a rolling report. It is supposed to show history, I guess you have to wait long enough (1 year) for it to clear on its own.

      The only other place where you will be blacklisted is in the CTOS reports, which you have to talk to the bank that submitted that report to clear your name. CCRIS will not show records of summons, but bankruptcy and blacklisting reports may turn up in CCRIS supplemental reports if the bank updates it s records with Bank Negara.


  9. Zaiton
    May 31, 2009 @ 00:28:39

    How can I check our own CCRIS record without go to Bank negara? Can we check it online?


    • Amir
      Jun 04, 2009 @ 21:30:34

      Hello Zaiton,

      Unfortunately, you cannot check it other than via personal vist to BNM. This is because of the identity issue as they need to verify you personally before allowing sensitive financial information to be released. Another alternative is to check with your banker for a print-out of the CCRIS report, but most likely, they will not provide you with a copy as well, again because of the sensitive information.

      The best is if you are able to allocate 2 hours to go to Bank Negara, it should be more than enough time to get the report. I got my report within 20 minutes, of course it depends on the crowd on that day.


  10. lee
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 16:37:37

    saya nk tau la mcm mana nk chek nama BLACKLIST melalui on line? ada laman web x? ctos atau bank negara.


    • Amir
      Jul 08, 2009 @ 04:53:15

      Hello Lee,

      Online? I don’t think possible because of the confidentiality of banking information (secrecy of customer data). Only if bankrupt your name will be published in the legal notices in the newspapers as allowed by law, otherwise, its not possible to check such blacklist online. All checks on credit history and blacklist must be made by the individual, but may be done by Banks when allowed by the individual, for the purpose of credit reference. Even for Bank Negara CCRIS records you must go to Bank Negara personally for the CCRIS report request.


  11. Razlina
    Jul 13, 2009 @ 17:21:51

    Saya telah di isytihar bangkrap pada 1998 dan baru2 ini saya telah membayar semua penyelesaian hutang (seperti yang di persetujui oleh bank ~ setelah rayuan di buat) berkenaan kepada Jabatan Insolvensi dan mahkamah telah membatalkan kebangkrapan saya pada 21hb Jun 09 yang lalu. Masalah saya sekarang, apakah saya layak untuk memohon pinjaman perumahan atau apa2 pinjaman sekiranya saya mampu? Bagaimanakah cara saya untuk mengeluarkan rekod bangkrap saya dari CCRIS. Saya mempunyai surat pembatalan dari Jab.Insolvensi yang mengatakan kebangkrapan saya telah di batalkan.

    Saya amat berharap kalau ada yang dapat membantu saya menjawab kemusykilan ini.


    • Amir
      Oct 01, 2009 @ 17:17:53

      Sebenarnya, tujuan CCRIS ialah untuk memberi panduan kepada bank2 berkenaan “track record” pinjaman bagi tempoh 12 bulan terakhir. Sebarang rekod bankrap, walaubagaimanapun, akan tetap kekal dalam rekod kewangan bank sampai bila-bila, samada di bank, CCRIS ataupun CTOS. Amat sukar untuk mengeluarkan rekod tersebut, kerana ini adalah servis rujukan untuk bank, bukan pelanggan.

      Untuk pinjaman seterusnya, rekod bankrap akan terus kekal dalam rekod, tetapi setiap permohonan perlulah disertakan dengan surat pembatalan bankrap untuk rekod permohonan pinjaman.

      Apa yang perlu di lakukan ialah pastikan rekod dalam CTOS menyatakan tentang pembatalan proseding bankrap.


  12. Najib
    Jul 24, 2009 @ 17:10:15


    Your quote
    “The best is if you are able to allocate 2 hours to go to Bank Negara, it should be more than enough time to get the report. I got my report within 20 minutes, of course it depends on the crowd on that day.”

    2 hours? Possible for those live in KL area. You did mention the banker also can do. Is it they treat everybody or just certain cases?


    • Amir
      Aug 07, 2009 @ 14:59:04

      Hello Najib, it is possible to get your records pretty quickly. Just like getting things done at a government office, you get a ticket when you reach there, wait until your number comes up and at the counter, wait for the officer to generate the report. The report is generated quickly from the system, and as long as the Identification card matches the record, the process takes only minutes.

      As usual, it is the waiting that takes time, and that depends on the crowd.

      If you live outside KL, maybe you can check if there is a BNM office nearby and if such service is available. Otherwise, it will have to be via the mail. I attach the link for you should you need to apply via mail.

      As for Bankers, we are not allowed to obtain the report to give it to customers, because firstly, the Bank have to pay for such reports and therefore it is Bank’s property (for you, there is no fees to get the report). Secondly, the passing of such reports to customers is not part of the Bank’s job or approved services. Usually, we can inform verbally if there is a problem with the payments record in the CCRIS, but mostly, we would advise that you personally obtain your own report


  13. Yew Chiun Wing
    Aug 03, 2009 @ 15:32:49

    Dear Mr. Amir,

    May I know if I want to black list a company / person who owe me / company money, What can I do to black-list him? What kind of documents is needed so that I can black-list him / company?

    Thaks for info.

    CW Yew


    • Amir
      Aug 07, 2009 @ 14:45:41

      Hello CW Yew,

      Unfortunately, I don’t think you can do that with the CTOS company. Blacklist only happens when you take legal action in court, and following a judgement in court, let say bankruptcy declaration, then CTOS or such companies will pick up the status for blacklisting. CTOS and such companies then sells information to banks for the credit checking on legal action. And their records are based on the legal action.

      So if you want to blacklist a person who owes you or your company money, it will have to go through the legal system first. Then only will CTOS pick up such information and input it into their records.


  14. Miss Saigon
    Aug 17, 2009 @ 13:07:09

    Dear Amir,

    I’d personal loan through Bank Rakyat since 1997 for about $18,000. Also had couple of personal credit cards and didn’t remember how much I owed.

    I left the country and never been back since then. But, do you know how long normally bank will keep in their books till they became bad debts?

    Coz, perhaps I would like to come back to Malaysia one day, but I want to start fresh, I’ve made poor decision about money and now I’ve learned a lot from my past mistake. Greatly appreciate your advice and feedback.

    Thank you,

    Miss Saigon,


    • Sam
      Sep 28, 2009 @ 16:20:25

      Miss Saigon,

      Frankly speaking, you’re in big trouble. I did the same mistake, as if bank will ‘forget’ about our loan..i was saved by my friend at very last minute before declared bankrupt.

      Please meet & consult your financier – they are more than willing to assist us coz it is their KPI.


    • Amir
      Oct 01, 2009 @ 17:10:27

      It is true that Banks don’t forget loans. Overall, your records will always be kept somewhere somehow and eventually, the records will be found out. The main issue is whether the Bank had started bankruptcy proceedings agains you. I can’t answer that question because firstly, it depends on how much outstanding balance you have and whether the accumulated interest has qualified you for bankruptcy proceedings. If I am not mistaken, you have to have a total amount outstanding + interest due of more than RM30,000 for the Bank to be able to make you a bankrupt.

      Secondly, if no bankruptcy proceeding is made, whether there is any legal action taken to recover the amount.

      In both cases, it is best to check with BNM on you CCRIS status, as both scenarios will be reflected there.

      And it is good advice to check with your previous banks or your financial consultant if you have one.

      Good luck


  15. Lin
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 10:48:57


    My boyfriend had an outstanding payment of RM46 to Diners Card that he was not aware of (auto renewal fee although he has never used that card and the agent told him if card is not used, will auto cancel).

    However, this was flagged in CCRIS when he wanted to apply for a housing loan. Since then he has paid of RM10 after Diners agreed to waived RM36 from that amount.

    The bank still rejects his application. Is there any avenue for him to get the loan?

    He is very prompt with other credit card payments and his car loan.


    • Amir
      Oct 12, 2009 @ 14:18:18

      Hi Lin, I think your boyfriend has asked the same question to me today. Please see my reply to him. Personally, it is better to talk to the Bank to ask how the loan can be approved because they could have rejected it for some other reason than a small balance outstanding in the CCRIS. There could be many other reasons for rejection, including repayment capabilities or even location of a property (properties not located in a prime area).

      Have you tried another bank? There is also other alternatives such as MBSB, Bank Rakyat, or smaller foreign banks such as bank of nova scotia, which is known to be aggressive in housing loan. Worth a try, if the traditional banks fail. How about banks such as Al Rajhi Bank or Kuwait Finance House? Their credit criteria may be different, have a go with them.

      Good luck.


      • Lin
        Oct 29, 2009 @ 14:15:22

        Hi Amir,

        Many thanks for your advice! And yes, my boyfriend did write in too! Haha..

  16. Ddie
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 11:33:47

    Hi Amir,

    I’m currently applying for a housing loan and through my CCRISS, I found out that I owe Diners CLub RM45 (annual fee). I’ve already cleared the outstanding balance.

    But according to you, CCRISS works on a 12-month period.

    Based on that, will I be applying for loan in vain??? Coz it will still show that I owe RM45 until the 12-month period is up right?

    I have already paid the 10% downpayment for the house that I intend to buy, so what’s my best move now? Am I screwed?

    Will greatly appreciate your help Amir!


    • Amir
      Oct 12, 2009 @ 14:11:47

      Hi Ddie, personally, I cannot comment on the credit policy of the bank you are dealing with. Yes, CCRIS will show the record for the last 12 months but I have to say that such a small amount due on a credit card should not be the reason for rejection if all other criteria for approval is met. If you have other credit facilities (housing loans or car loans) which is up to date in payments, that will serve as a good record for payment.

      Honestly, if the Bank reject you because of a small outstanding amount on Diners, you should really talk to the bank because I think it is rejected for some other reason i.e. repayment capability or high debt servicing ratio. Talk to the bank and ask them what it requires for you to get the loan approved.

      Good luck.


      • Ddie
        Oct 12, 2009 @ 14:27:16

        Hi Amir,

        Thanks for your insights and prompt reply.

        Well, the agent told me that it is because I owed the amount for 7 months. My guess is that the bank felt that owing any amount for that period of time is considered long, and thus decided that I AM a risk that they’re not willing to take.

        Well, anyway, i will give other banks a shot (including those you mentioned).

        Thanks again ya!

        – Ddie & Lin

  17. Miss sunshine
    Oct 25, 2009 @ 08:49:26

    Hi …. Can a bank view your outstanding balance, credit limit given by other banks , existing home loan , car loan ammount if you want to apply for a loan from other banks. Are they also able to view from which bank you owe credit to .For example Maybank credit card owing RM 5000. Thank you .


    • amiralfatakh
      Oct 25, 2009 @ 16:06:41

      Hi Miss Sunshine,

      A Bank can only pull your CCRIS records if you apply a loan from them, and YES, in the CCRIS the Bank can view ALL your outstanding balance for each loan, credit limit, status, conduct of account, the loan type, collateralised or unsecured loan and also total amount of all your loans with other banks.

      However, the Bank will not be able to know from which other bank the loan is taken from. As per your example, the Bank will see you have a credit card owing RM5,000 but the Bank WILL NOT be able to see which bank granted you the credit card.


  18. Leslie
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 23:01:48

    Hi, how do I clear my name off ccris? I have cleared my bank payments but they are still rejecting my application for loans. Please assist.

    Thank you.


    • Amir
      Nov 11, 2009 @ 17:34:26

      Hi Leslie,
      Not sure what you mean by “clear my bank payments”. If it means you have paid off all your loans for the past 12 months, it may not necessarily be a good thing for you. A Bank appreciates a GOOD CREDIT RECORD rather than NO CREDIT RECORD. They can’t assess you if you have nothing to show. They might think you have a bad credit history so thats why no other banks are giving you loans.

      It makes sense to have some borrowing which is well conducted, such as credit cards. The trick is to get your first loan such as a credit card.

      If you mean you have “regularised” your bank payments, then they should be able to explain why they reject you now. It will be based on the bank’s credit policy.

      Good luck, Leslie.


  19. Harriet
    Nov 23, 2009 @ 17:59:45

    hi, i have a credit card outstanding with 2 banks,1 bank i am paying at least minimum pymt every month as in i am a staff.another bank i think i have nt been pay for almost 1 year..
    do u think it already affect my ctos record?
    i have not other outstanding with any other bank anymore,and i now just have total o/s about 15k with this 2 bank,do u think after i settle all 7k with the bank i dint make pymt for almost 1 year,
    my name will be clear frm ctos?i still get chance to apply mortgage or car loan in future?
    my mthly salary ard 3k per mth nw.
    and when you talk about ask the bank clear my ctos record after i make full pymt,hw should i ask them actually?looking forward for your reply.
    thx a lot!


    • Amir
      Nov 23, 2009 @ 18:33:17

      Hello Harriet,

      Your records will start appearing in CTOS once legal action is taken or if there is a bankruptcy against you. It depends from Bank to Bank, because as a rule of thumb, the Bank decides on the legal action based on the amount. Bankruptcy proceeding requires a delinquent account of RM30,000 and above, so if it is lesser, most probably there is no bankruptcy proceedings. As for legal action, it is up to the Bank to initiate because if the amount is too little, the Bank might not initiate legal action. You have to check your mailbox for these; if there is a lot of legal letters sent to you, then some legal action is being taken against you and may be reflected in CTOS.

      It is important to remember that CTOS is a one way street. Once your name goes into CTOS, it stays there and unlikely to be removed. When do settle, your record is still there but only your status will be updated to “CASE SETTLED”. When I mentioned asking the Bank to “clear” the CTOS records, it doesn’t mean DELETE but it means UPDATE the status of your record. And yes, you can write a letter to the Bank to pass to CTOS to update your record after full settlement.

      Most likely, it is your CCRIS you have to worry about because it is on a rolling 12 months. So if you have a clean CTOS, and you manage to keep all payments up to date, then you should be able to get a loan in 12 months time. As long as there is no legal action status, you should be able to get into a mortgage or a car loan.


  20. Harriet
    Nov 23, 2009 @ 19:52:09

    thanks alot for your reply,one last question,i did received once awhile for the legal letter.
    so from your opinion ,even though later i already fully settled all my credit card outstanding,i am very hard to get loan in future even if like what you said,my ctos with a record “case settled” there?
    for example,i mthly earning 3k,then no outstanding with bank,also very hard to get loan as in my ctos already some record there?


    • Amir
      Dec 08, 2009 @ 17:56:42

      Hi Harriet,

      Unfortunately, CTOS is used as a reference by Banks to investigate if there are legal history of a customer. It is within their right to check this, because no banks want to be burdened with a bad loan later on.

      I am not saying your loan will turn bad because you have a history as I know most people never have the intention to turn their loans bad. It is up to the bank to interpret the information and up to you to convince them you are a reliable paymaster.

      The best way is to talk to the Bank and ask them what do they need to approve the loan. Maybe they will offer a solution such as a guarantor or additional collateral; the most important thing is that to obtain a loan then conduct the loan well and build a good track record with them. Then will they have confidence to give you bigger or larger loans in the near future.

      Always believe there is a solution to everything.


  21. NO MONEY
    Dec 08, 2009 @ 15:48:11

    Hello, I have tried to apply for 2 personal loan and 2 cr cards (not in same time huh)..seems that my application being rejected. The banks does not give any reason..however I managed to traced that the rejection was due to poor CCRIS record..it is not happening to me alone..a lot of people I meant a lot (many) have suffered the same experience and had opted to ALONG. It seems that CCRIS is the main factor that ALONG still being sought by people in dire for funding…so how about we call the govt to stop tis CCRIS.


    • Amir
      Dec 08, 2009 @ 18:23:30

      Hi No Money,

      I totally understand your frustrations.

      However, calling the goverment to stop the use of CCRIS will only penalise the consumer more. How else will a Bank assess a customer without a payment track record information?

      Without CCRIS, we will go backwards 10 years in personal financing development. Back to the days where the only place you can obtain a personal loan is at Bank Rakyat with 1 or 2 guarantors, and security deposit requirements. You will have no chance to apply for a personal loan except at your own existing bank which has already your track record. I remember the days where banks insist on “introducers” i.e. you cannot even open a savings account at certain banks unless your are introduced by an existing customer of the bank.

      CCRIS provides valuable information to Banks when deciding to grant unsecured financing, such as personal loan or credit cards.

      I also remember the conversation I had with my bank’s credit controller when I was developing the personal loan products. They won’t even consider approving the launch of an unsecured personal financing into the market without a guarantor. But with CCRIS, we have managed to introduce the product without guarantor, collateral and salary deduction requirements. Banks are willing to take more risks only if they are able to understand the consumer behaviour backed up by reliable data. CCRIS provides that assurances.

      I know many Banks in other countries are amazed with the CCRIS infrastructure, because it is similar to being a credit rating scoring system as used by several developed countries. They are amazed because it tells the banks exactly what is most important about a customer i.e. consumer behaviour.

      Unfortunately, Ahlong makes it even easier to apply for loans without looking at consumer behaviour, but always remember there is a price to pay for it. Ahlong caters for the segment in the market where banks dare not take risks in. It is unfortunate, but there will always be a market for loans from Ahlong, who is willing to take higher risks in return for higher profits.

      But removing CCRIS is not a solution. It will only tighten credit further, as banks will no longer have points of reference to customers conduct. In the end, people are forced to find guarantors or additional collaterals for their unsecured loans, and if they could not, they will still go back to Ahlongs. Removing CCRIS, I believe, will make the situation even worse.

      I hope you can find a solution to your problems other than Ahlong. I have been in critical debt before, so I know how desparate one can become. It takes time, but eventually you will find a bank which you can call your own.

      Or do it like me; work for a bank, get a staff loan from the bank that I work for and build your good credit history for other banks to see! Hope you can find your solution too…

      Good Luck, No Money.


  22. Wan
    Jan 06, 2010 @ 23:05:38


    I have a question.
    My CCRIS report shows that I have a bad credit history with personal loan..(others is good) Reason being I was retrenched last 3 years and only able to find job last year.

    My name almost being send for bankruptcy procedure. Luckily I went to the bank and met the officer to discuss on my monthly installment again. he mention that my name is with CTOS.

    I plan to buy a terrace house since my financial status became steady and the personal loan installment has been served without fail for 6 months. Any chance for me with the housing loan?

    What should I do to get the loan approve?


    • Amir
      Mar 21, 2010 @ 03:15:06

      Sorry for the late reply. I hope you have found a solution for your problems in the meantime.

      The bad thing that I read is that your name is in CTOS, because it will forever be there until the loan is fully settled and the bank can issue a release letter against the CTOS records. Even with a release letter, your name will continuously be in CTOS.

      The good things are: You have been paying regularly for the past 6 months, and your other loans are in good shape. Keep them that way; they are important to you at this time.

      Another good thing is that you are looking to buy a house. Depending on the location and value, the loan can be considered a secured low or medium risk loan for the bank. That means, the bank may look at collateral value instead of relying purely on CCRIS and CTOS records. But there are no guarantees. Criteria varies from bank to bank. Some look at the CCRIS more seriously even for a secured loan. Other banks don’t.

      The best way is to obtain your CCRIS record from Bank Negara, and approach the Bank before submitting an application. Ask the sales staff to evaluate the loan with the available documents i.e. CCRIS, your salary slips, and the expected market value of the property. If you have details of the CTOS, provide them with those. Don’t hide anything. If the sales staff indicates it can be done, then submit. Don’t submit to get rejected; the last thing you want is to have another rejection record in CCRIS.

      If you are sure of getting the loan approve, then you can proceed with putting a downpayment for the house…

      There are no guarantees, but at least you are going for a house, rather than a credit card or personal loan. A housing loan has collateral, so your chances are better.

      Good luck.


  23. faye
    Jan 21, 2010 @ 16:35:01

    I’m just inquiring as my application for a car loan was rejected. How long do we have to wait after it has been rejected by all (accroding to my car salesman) the banks before we can apply again.

    I have no records in both my ccris and ctos. But previously I have with CCRIS, but I have cleared it end october.


    • Amir
      Feb 28, 2010 @ 00:29:33

      Not having records in CCRIS is also a bad thing. The Bank is unable to assess your behaviour because there is no records in CCRIS. This also may imply (although it may be a wrong assumption) that you are unable to get a loan from Banks for one reason or another. So the Banks do not approve the loan because of that.

      Get a credit card. Don’t use it. If you do use it, pay it on time. The purpose is to create a credit history and payment history for the banks to evaluate you.

      Good luck.


  24. Max
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 15:46:38

    Hi, I am thinking of applying a co-brand credit card for my education purposes. The problem is i had credit cards a few years ago, and did not make payment for like 4 months, as i was jobless, however, i have paid up all my credit cards balance during august 2009. Is it too early to apply for a credit card now?. I once called the bank, and the officer told me to wait for a year before applying for a card. Its been 6 to 7 months now. Can i still apply or will CCRIS affect my application.



    • Amir
      Mar 10, 2010 @ 23:36:46

      The advise you got from the bank officer is valid, as CCRIS maintains record for the past 12 months and if you had just settled the card in Aug 2009, it will be more safer to apply in Aug 2010 with a clean record.

      Having said that, some banks do look at only 6 months record so if you cannot wait, you can try, at the risk of being rejected. Each rejection will be shown in the CCRIS, so don’t accumulate these rejection. If you get too many rejection, the next bank extracting CCRIS might get suspicious from all these rejection, even though your records are clean.

      My advise is to wait till August before trying again to have a better chance for approval.

      Good luck.


  25. Ayumi
    Mar 09, 2010 @ 21:23:51

    Hi Amir,
    Sy nk tnya. Sy ada apply loan tempoh hari,tapi reject. P.Banker tu kata,sbb CCRIS. Mcm mana nk check ccris di bank negara? Apa yang diperlukan?
    Dalam tempoh berapa lama nama sy boleh
    Dan juga dalam tempoh berapa lama sy boleh apply loan semula?
    Thank you.


    • Amir
      Mar 10, 2010 @ 23:48:50

      Rekod CCRIS boleh diperolehi dari Bank Negara, Kuala Lumpur. Pegawai di kaunter akan request kad pengenalan dan rekod CCRIS akan dicetak, tetapi perlu pergi sendiri ke Bank Negara.

      Pada rekod CCRIS tersebut, Cik Ayumi boleh rujuk rekod pembayaran dan kenalpasti pinjaman mana yang ber masaalah.

      Secara am, rekod boleh di bersihkan dalam masa 1 tahun, tetapi jika rekod buruk Cik Ayumi (sebagai contoh) adalah selama 4 bulan, Cik Ayumi perlu tunggu 8 bulan sebelum permohonan baru di buat (4+8=12 bulan).

      Semuanya bergantung kepada rekod CCRIS cik Ayumi. Kalau rekod tak berapa buruk, lebih cepat permohonan pinjaman boleh dibuat.

      Good luck.


  26. ayu
    Mar 12, 2010 @ 10:56:12


    Baru-baru ni saya menghadapi masalah berkaitan dengan kredit kad kerana tidak membayar bayaran minimum wpun saya mmbayar kad tersebut setiap bulan.apa yang berlaku pihak bank telah menyedut kesemua duit di dalam akaun saya bagi menyelesaikan bayaran minimum tersebut.Bagi satu lagi kredit kad,saya tidak membuat sebarang bayaran selama 2 bulan tetapi saya hanya mendapat surat peringatan pembayaran dan bank belum membuat sebarang tindakan mahkamah ke atas saya dan saya belum pun mendapat surat mahkamah berkaitan kredit kad saya.Kemudian,baru-baru ini Saya mendapat durian runtuh dan membayar kesemua kredit kad serta menutup terus akaun kredit kad saya.Soalan saya

    1)Berapa tempoh bulan CCRIS merekodkan data pembayaran yang gagal di buat oleh pengguna?Adakah kegagalan saya membayar 2 bulan kredit kad saya akan direkodkan?

    2)Adakah bank masih terus merefer kepada CTOS untuk sebarang rujukan sekarang?

    3)Adakah faktor2 lain menyebabkan pinjaman saya di masa akan dtg akan di tolak w.pun nama saya sudah clear di CCRIS?


    • ayu
      Mar 12, 2010 @ 11:06:21

      lagi satu soalan.Adakah nama saya sudah rekodkan di dalam CTOS w,pun tiada sebarang tindakan mahkamah di kenakan ke atas saya?T.kasih


      • Amir
        Mar 21, 2010 @ 02:37:53

        CTOS hanya perolehi maklumat daripada cetakan tindakan undang-undang, samaada suratkhabar ataupun buletin mahkamah. Jika tiada tindakan undang2, CTOS tak mungkin perolehi maklumat untuk rekod mereka.

    • Amir
      Mar 21, 2010 @ 02:35:11

      Waalaikum Salam,

      CCRIS mengambil kira tempoh 12 bulan terakhir daripada bulan ini. Jika rekod dikeluarkan untuk bulan Mac 2010, rekod pembayaran daripada Februari 2009 – Februari 2010 akan dicetak. Sebarang rekod kegagalan dalam tempoh ini akan terpampang dalam rekod.

      Bank tak akan merujuk kes kepada CTOS, kerana Bank hanya bertanggungjawab kepada Bank Negara, yang mengeluarkan CCRIS. CTOS hanya akan terlibat jika kes Cik Ayu di hadapkan tindakan mahkamah, kerana CTOS mengambil data terus dari cetakan tindakan mahkamah di suratkhabar atau lain-lain sumber. CTOS tidak memperolehi maklumat daripada Bank, kerana Bank termaktub dibawah tanggungjawab maklumat sulit pelanggan.

      Lain-lain sebab…. kriteria kredit tiap tiap bank, dan kriteria ini berbeza dari bank ke bank. Rundinglah dengan bank CIk Ayu untuk mendapat maklumat tentang sebab pinjaman di tolak.


  27. Nana
    Mar 20, 2010 @ 16:51:08

    Hi Amir

    I applied credit card in Jan 2010 and been rejected..and they asked me to check with BNM for CCRIS and CTOS to figure out the problems…
    For CCRIS, the officer mentioned that my records are clean…should’t be any problem except I had missed four months cc payment somewhere in August 2009 due to some monetary problems…but I made full settlement in November and terminate the card…she adviced me to get a copy of the CTOS report..
    For CTOS ..again there is no records against me and the person told me that I am not the only one who is facing the problems…

    Recently early March I applied personal loans and got rejected…and he asked me to check with CCRIS and CTOS and I have told him that i did perform the checking recently and they mentioned shouldn’t be any problems for any application…
    And then I seek for his advice or at least give me some hints on what are the main thing causing my application been rejected …at the beginning he is reluctant to tell me but after sometimes he said…something related with cc payment that u didnt pay for long time until current month and the records remained in FIS..and i was so shocked..i suspected it must be the cc that i made full settlement in Nov..

    My question is..what is FIS and what are the information kept in that system? How can i get a copy of FIS ? How frequent they updated the system?

    hopefully u could help me to clarify my doubt..


    • Amir
      Mar 21, 2010 @ 02:55:16

      Dear Nana,

      I am not sure which FIS system the banker is referring to, but as far as I know, it is the same with the CCRIS records with BNM. Maybe that bank has their own system, I don’t know. I am not sure if they do use such system, but if they do, I am not sure where they get the information. As for me, the CCRIS is still the main standard used by banks as it is governed by BNM, and therefore the information from BNM should be accurate and up-to-date as they come direct from banks.

      Back to your question.

      Reading your situation, it is simple for me to make sense. Your CC settlement is still new (Nov 2009) so it will still be in your CCRIS as CCRIS tracks 12 months track record. The fact that there is 4 months due and the card was terminated does not look good in CCRIS. These actions will be reflected in the report.

      The truth is, a CC is a medium-high risk product for the Bank, whereas the Personal Loan is a high-high risk product. Therefore, the credit criteria for a Personal Loan is tougher than a Credit Card. Speaking from experience, 50% of the decision to approve a Personal Loan comes directly on how a credit card is conducted. The bank views it, in terms of risks, that if a customer cannot manage a CC properly, there is a possibility that the customer may not be able to manage a higher-risk, higher-limit, Personal loan. It may not sound fair to consumers who are genuinely honest in managing their finances, but this is the reality faced by banks in times of worldwide financial instability.

      There is only one way of being sure that you can have a better chance of approval. Wait until records of your credit card disappear from CCRIS. Whatever else loan that you have with other banks, make sure they are paid promptly. Create a good credit history. Then there will be room to argue with the bank when you apply for another loan.

      Good luck, Nana.


      • Amir
        Mar 21, 2010 @ 02:57:57

        Also, just to add. In the meantime, don’t continue to apply to “try your luck”. Each rejection will be recorded in CCRIS. The more the rejection records appearing on your CCRIS, the more the other Banks are going to see it and they can use that as a basis for more rejection. Keep your records as clean as possible.

  28. jimmy
    Mar 22, 2010 @ 00:08:36

    Hi Amir, I had a credit card back at 2002 and used up d max credit 5k. By oct’2009 i started to repay this credit card outstanding amount ( as agree by me n d bank ). Now i plan to apply for a housing loan for d amount of 110k which is 65% of the house value. Does this application may be rejected because of the credit card problem ? Hope u can reply asap to me. tq


    • Amir
      Mar 26, 2010 @ 00:20:40

      Hi Jimmy,

      There is hope for you. The bad news is that having anything bad in the CCRIS (or worse, CTOS) is not gonna look good with the banks. The good news, however, is that the loan that you intend to apply is a secured loan i.e. with a house as a collateral. That improves the odds greatly.

      There is always a possibility of it being rejected. But you have to look at the facts. Banks usually start on an application by check internal blacklist or CCRIS. From the CCRIS, the bank may decide to reject or not. A bad record will usually mean an automatic rejection for a personal loan or a credit card application.

      But some banks look further. The next thing they look is the repayment capability. They look at your income and employment to see if it will be sufficient for long term repayment. Then the bank will look at the property itself, the location and resale value. If these items do not look good, then they will either consider 2 things; either ask for additional collateral such as fixed deposits, or ask for a guarantor.

      What I am trying to imply, there are many more plus points where a housing loan may get approved if compared to an unsecured loan. Have hope that some of these points may get your loan approved. If the rest of the approval criteria is strong, you should consider applying.

      Always check with your banker and ask them if they have any concerns after evaluating all these points. Get your offer, and go ahead and buy your house.

      Good luck.


  29. octopus
    Mar 22, 2010 @ 23:16:16

    Hi Amir,

    I appeared in CTOS a year ago and now according to UOB Bank my name has been cleared and my name is still in their history. As far as i know i have hire purchase with a bank and my payment due date on the 26th everymonth. I changed job and my salary comes in everymonth 30th and when i request to change my repayment date, the bank doesn’t allow me. As far as i remember i do have 1 month lapse payment and other than that, i pay 28th or 29th full payment every month (besides the lapse 1 month and the missed due date).My friend told me that my CCRIS will appear as “1” because i missed the due date but i am wondering will my lapse payment appear as “2”, or “3” or so.. i only lapse 1 month as far as i know until now. So will i have problem applying loan now?


    • Amir
      Mar 26, 2010 @ 00:39:57

      Hi Octopus,

      Usually, it will show only as a “1” in CCRIS but I can’t comment if once in a while there is a lapse. The best thing is to check your CCRIS with Bank Negara and see for yourself. Generally it should not be a problem if you keep up with your payments. Good luck.


  30. caitlyn
    Mar 23, 2010 @ 17:13:19

    hi Amir

    my husband told me he has financial problem but did not want to tell me how serious. is there a way for me to find out? i want to know if he is stuck with huge amount of loans other than his housing loan and car loan. he told me before that he has also mortgaged the house.

    pls help. thanks.


    • Amir
      Mar 26, 2010 @ 00:48:48

      Dear Caitlyn,

      I can’t help you. If you can’t get the information from your husband, then there is no other place to go. The banks won’t disclose their customer’s information, even to the customer’s wife. And Bank Negara will only release CCRIS to the owner of the record. Other than opening his mails, you can only ask him to tell you. Sorry.


  31. hani
    Mar 24, 2010 @ 18:30:56

    just wondering if we do not pay educational loan (such as MARA or PTPTN) and our name appeared in the newspaper for loan repayment notice, where does it reflect? CCRIS / CTOS / FIS? I’m confused.
    And are there any banks who do not check CTOS record anymore? I thought CTOS has been banned or something.. thanks


    • Amir
      Mar 29, 2010 @ 05:42:45

      Usually, educational loans track record do not appear in CCRIS, as the data for CCRIS comes from Banks, and MARA PTPTN do not report to Bank Negara.

      As for CTOS, that’s a tricky one. Speaking from personal experience i.e. myself…. yes, your name may appear in CTOS if MARA or PTPTN has initiated legal action and issued a summons against you. This is because CTOS picks up “published” information from newspapers or blacklists and puts them in their records. Sometimes, I don’t feel it is fair (because it happened to me), and in my case, my guarantor’s name got published in CTOS as well, so it really is an inconvenient.

      Having said that, I also have friends who have had summons sent to them by MARA / PTPTN but their names not appearing in CTOS. I cannot explain that. It could just be better luck for them.

      Yes, CTOS did get some bad press a few years ago, and some banks no longer want to use them, simply because sometimes the CTOS records are not updated records (as they rely on public information, and sometime there may be leakages). The initiative is to look at CCRIS, but the drawback of CCRIS is that it relies on reports by Banks, who does not report legal proceedings or bankruptcy actions to BNM. Therefore, most banks has gone back to looking at service providers such as CTOS to provide status of legal actions, when the CCRIS records of a customer looks really bad.

      What’s the reason for this?

      As you probably know, a person who is declared bankrupt cannot sign legal documents, so if the person applies for a loan and gets approved, those documents are considered void and the bank cannot take action against the person. So it is in the best interest of the Bank to check all possible avenues to ensure the applicant is “clean”. So, there will always be a need for service providers like CTOS.


  32. mocha
    Apr 13, 2010 @ 02:11:57

    hi, i am just applied a housing loan, but i want to ask, i have 3 credit cards (which only make min payment everymonth on time), but my car loan not really in good payment, may i know does my name been show in CCRIS? and my housing loan will be rejected? thank you.


    • Amir
      Apr 13, 2010 @ 23:45:55

      Dear Mocha,

      It depends on the Bank and how each bank classify an amount due. Certain banks classify it to be due after 1 day of the due date, but some classify it only after 14 days, or any other days. What’s sure, it will get classified if it is more than 30 days.

      But for housing loans, there are also other factors bank considers, such as the property location, value or applicant income. These are strong enough to support the loan, but if these are not strong, the Bank may look at CCRIS to gauge your financial behaviour.

      So it is not all bad news if your name appears in CCRIS, as long as it is not too bad (up to legal stages). Get your CCRIS report at BNM and see if your record is good or not. If CCRIS looks not too bad, then you only have to worry about property, price and income for your loan.

      Good luck.


  33. Jo
    Apr 23, 2010 @ 18:29:14

    Hi Amir ,

    I’ve full settled my car loan and no more outstanding HP loan with banker since last week ..wondering did my previous 12 months repayment record still remain in CCRIS ? Due to my car loan payment is very poor and worried it will affect my home loan application in near future . please advise, thanks.


    • Amir
      Apr 25, 2010 @ 20:36:24

      Dear Jo,

      Chances are, the records will still be in the CCRIS, as it will maintain your records for the past 12 months, even if it is settled.

      If you have paid off your loan recently, it will show, for example, 2 2 2 2 – -, meaning the past 6 months your car loan has been due for 2 payments for 4 months, and the loan has been paid off in the last 2 months. This is an example, not sure how your records will actually look like. Remember, CCRIS shows you the past 12 months record.

      It is difficult to say if your loan will get approved or not. But, I have to say that for housing loans, there are more important criteria usually considered by Banks, if compared to a car loan. Location of property, value of property, type of property, your repayment capabilities; all play a significant amount of influence to your application. If the above are strong, plus you have that car loan settlement letter, your chances are good.

      Like one of my senior manager used to say to me, “If the customer don’t have enough money to pay his credit cards, housing loan and car loans, he will have to make a decision. Firstly, he will do everything to pay his housing loan, because his family needs a roof over their head. Then he will pay his car loan so that he can go to work or to the supermarket to buy groceries. Then he will pay his food bills. Credit cards always comes last.”

      Therefore, Banks are more kind in housing loans because they know how much effort a person will put in for their house, especially if it is of good location and price. Good luck.


  34. CK
    Apr 30, 2010 @ 23:13:33

    Hi, I am newbie here.
    I have come across many people having problem with CCRIS/CTOS.

    Some have actually paid deposit to buy a property and later only find out that they are blacklisted when the loan application rejected.

    I sincerely wish that i can help them

    Anyone with problem applying housing loan due to CCRIS/CTOS…refinancing…bad installment payments and in the verge of getting their property auctioned by bank…feel free to drop me an email at khikin@hotmail.com
    I may be able to help.
    For clarification, I am no money lender.


    • Amir
      May 03, 2010 @ 17:35:19

      Dear CK,

      Thanks for your offer. I am sure some readers may want to be in touch with you.

      However, I have to put in a disclaimer that I am not able to comment on your services, nor can I vouch on the scope of your services. I also confirm that I will not be endorsing your offer to the readers, and neither am I receiving any commission for your comments here. I shall also not be responsible for any of your services, or its outcome.

      Hope you are ok with that. Cheers and good luck. Thanks for the offer to the readers.


  35. Eric
    May 10, 2010 @ 20:15:22

    Recently, I went to check my CCRIS with Bank Negara. I only have 1 house loan and the payment pattern reads something 111211121. No credit card whatsoever.

    Now that I decided to buy a car, what are my chances of approval? Assuming that my income is sufficient.

    Kindly advice. Thanks!


    • Amir
      May 11, 2010 @ 04:18:25

      Dear Eric,

      That doesn’t look too bad, but it will be nicer if you have some 0s in it. If you are applying for a Credit Card, then maybe you might have some trouble. Personally, for a car loan, assuming your income is strong, and the fact that a car loan is secured loan, that will give you a good chance of approval. Worst case scenario….? The loan amount is reduced and you pay a higher downpayment.

      Overall, for a car loan, that looks do-able. Good luck.


  36. Eric
    May 10, 2010 @ 20:24:46

    I was told that when an applicant for a loan submits his house grant which the house is fully paid and owned, the chances of approval is higher.

    How true is it?



    • Amir
      May 11, 2010 @ 04:42:35

      Definitely, Eric.

      But it also depends on the location of the house (which effects market value and sale-ability), the purpose of the loan, and the tenure of loan and of course, repayment ability.

      A bank is always looking for a good loan opportunity and if the above meets the credit criteria, the bank will want to approve it. Again, for such cases, even if the credit criteria is not strong, the loan may be approved at a lower amount (margin of financing) just so the Bank will have access to the house. If your track record is good, that will be even better.



      • Eric
        May 11, 2010 @ 18:14:25

        Thanks Amir for the valuable info.

  37. Muazam
    May 12, 2010 @ 10:19:24

    Hi Amir,

    I do understand on how CCRIS’s work.

    Can you please advice me on which date is the latest update (every month) for CCRIS report? FYI, I went to BNM 05/04/2010 but this report only provide my information up to Feb 2010.

    If I have paid all the arrears (overdue) for last three months, what if my chances to apply a personal loan?


    • Amir
      May 13, 2010 @ 03:33:04

      Dear Muazam,

      I can’t be sure on what date the records are really updated, but I guess because you came on a Monday (5/4/2010) which is just after the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), some banks may not have reported their accounts to BNM on time.

      Whatever that comes out in the CCRIS will depend on how fast your bank report the account to CCRIS, as BNM only compiles whatever that have been reported to them.

      Bank A, for example, may run their end-of-month on Friday (2/04/2010) so their records in CCRIS may have been updated. Bank B might choose to only run it on Monday (5/04/2010) so in that case, BNM will not have the March records from Bank B. I guess it is just unfortunate timing, but sometimes, Banks do have problems with their core banking systems (breakdowns, delay, heavy traffic, unable to close the end-of-month due to adjustments in accounts, etc) so there may be reporting delays.

      As for your question on personal loans, a personal-unsecured loan is categorised as a very high risk product (which also give high returns). As such, the credit criteria is the most complicated, sophisticated and most strict among the Bank’s products.

      That is why Banks usually look at a full 12 months conduct for a personal loan. I cannot guarantee that even if you have paid all arrears over the last three months, your loan will be approved. It also depends on how bad the last 9 months prior to the 3 months was.

      Personal loans and credit cards are lifestyle products, and the only way we can have some comfort to approve is to consider this “behavioural lending”, not “collateralised lending”,”income lending” or “margin lending”. Even if the customer earn RM10,000 per month, and only applying a RM20,000 loan, the Bank will really feel uncomfortable if the CCRIS is showing 344334322100. It shows a history of delinquency, which makes it difficult to approve.

      Usually I will advice a 9 months wait (9+3=12 months), but if the previous records are 2’s and a few 1’s, then you can risk it in the next 3 months to apply. At least you have 6 months good record, and if your income is good, job is stable or the amount you apply is reasonable, some Banks are willing to take a risk to approve you.

      All I am advising is that, if you are a Bank, will you be comfortable to lend the money if a friend has the same CCRIS? It’s difficult to advise, but from what you write to me, I will have to look at other factors and may not approve based on CCRIS records alone. I will need another comfort, because this is an unsecured loan.

      Good luck, brother. If you really need it, try for it. But if you can wait to clear your records, do so.



  38. rish
    May 12, 2010 @ 11:31:41


    Saya tgh apply loan rumah this week & dh signed S&P and pay deposit 10%..sy baru buat full settlement utk 3 kad,1 personal loan & 1 car loan a week ago..the banks said end mth ni CCRIS br clear…masa hantar dokumen loan rumah,saya sertakan surat saya & resit2 full settlement even sy tau CCRIS masih belum clear.

    soalan saya:
    1) bagaimana chances loan saya?lulus/tidak?
    2) jika buat full settlement,12 bulan br clear CCRIS?kenapa bank kata end mth dh clear?

    terima kasih


    • Amir
      May 13, 2010 @ 04:11:19

      Salam Rish,

      Semuanya bergantung kepada jenis pinjaman. Jika permohonan Rish = personal loan / kad kredit, CCRIS sangat penting dalam penilaian permohona. Conduct of account adalah kriteria utama pinjaman di luluskan.

      Untuk pinjaman bercagar (secured loan), kriteria CCRIS tidak sebegitu penting kerana kriteria lain akan dinilai terlebih dahulu. Lokasi rumah, gaji bulanan, harga rumah, ratio jumlah pinjaman (margin of advance)menjadi kriteria utama. Selagi CCRIS tidak begitu teruk, keupayaan bayar balik (repayment capability) menjadi kriteria terpenting.

      Rasional bank sangat mudah. Katakan peminjam mempunyai:
      1) Pinjaman perumahan
      2) Pinjaman kereta
      3) Kad Kredit

      dan peminjam kehilangan sumber kewangan. Peminjam akan cuba sedaya-upaya membayar hutang 1) kerana keluarga bergantung kepada rumah. Kad kredit akan delinquent terlebih dahulu, di ikuti dengan pinjaman kereta.

      Oleh itu, bank akan lebih berminat untuk memberi pinjaman perumahan kerana amaun yang besar, bercagar dan berpotensi mendapat anjakan kapital (capital appreciation).

      Jika bank confident pinjaman akan diluluskan, En Rish bolehlah meletakkan sedikit confidence keatas mereka.

      🙂 Good luck.


  39. Sheila
    May 12, 2010 @ 14:32:16

    Thank you for your advised regarding CCRIS and CTOS. I walked in to both institution to get my full credit reports.It is so easy and simple and i noticed,i have a good credit reports even though i did some of late payments from the due date instead (3-4 day late from due) but it still not consider as late.I did full settlement for my credit cards and all the records has been cleared and it shows that the CCRIS report is updated.Also to informed the credit reports CCRIS only can be print once in every 3 months.Thanks


    • Amir
      May 13, 2010 @ 03:52:45

      Thanks Sheila, for your information. The advise that CCRIS can only be printed once every 3 months is useful, since I am also not aware of that (for Banks it does not matter when we pull CCRIS because we are charged for it!).

      As for the 3-4 days late, it is because some banks default their system to classify a loan as due at different dates. Some banks classify the instalment due after 5 days, 7 days or on the due date itself, depending on bank policy. This will all effect the bank’s reporting to their risk department. If a bank classify it on due date (1st of each month), 80%-90% of customers will be on the due report for the Bank’s collection team. Usually, a grace period is given so that the report that the collection team gets is shorter and easier to manage.

      If the bank is facing high deliquency rates, then they will classify the loan earlier, get a bigger collection team because their list will be longer. If their deliquency rates are lower, they can afford to stretch it for a longer period and hopefully the customers will pay off these instalments by the time they get the reports.

      Thanks, Sheila


  40. Eric
    May 12, 2010 @ 20:00:06

    Hi Amir, its me again.

    Asking this on behalf of a friend who recently made a car purchase. The bank that he applied for hire purchase called him and conducted some interview. Now he’s waiting for approval.

    Normally, when the bank conduct such interview or verification, does that mean the loan will be approved?

    Does the bank even call the applicant if the CCRIS report is in bad shape? Or outright reject?


    • Amir
      May 13, 2010 @ 03:04:09

      Dear Eric,

      Yes you are right. A bank usually will not show much interest in your friend’s loan if they are not trying to salvage it.

      Generally, a bank will classify the applications recieved as Green, Red or Amber. We always look to Amber cases to improve our approval ratio by going the extra mile to salvage it.

      Normally from the total applications received per month, we will get about 25% to 35% green cases (outright approval), 40% red cases (outright rejection) and the balance is usually Amber (KIV).

      If during the month, the approval ratio is only 25%, the credit or sales team will re-look at the Amber cases to try to salvage it to increase the approval ratio to maybe 40%. As a bank, we have very high acquisition costs and if our approval ratio is less than 20%, that means we spend money to market to 10 person but only getting returns from 2 person; which is not good business sense. The ideal target approval ratio is 40% to 55%, which means we are efficient.

      So your friend does have a good chance of approval, even if it is a 50/50 chance. I wish him good luck with the application.



  41. nadia
    May 13, 2010 @ 16:24:53

    Dear Amir,
    Recently i went to ccris and the reports shows the payment pattern for my car loan=00100010100,my cc=0000000000 and pl=0101000000.My questions is:-

    1.I’ve decided to apply for home loan and do i get a better chance to get for approval?

    2.What does it mean 40% not exceeded from the basic salary?Let say,My car loan left=47000,cc=6k,PL-7k and basic salary is 3.7k.Hope you can help.Thanks.


    • nadia
      May 14, 2010 @ 17:12:46

      Also to add,home loan=230k.


      • Amir
        May 16, 2010 @ 19:40:20

        Dear Nadia,

        To be honest, your CCRIS looks really good. Off hand, that sort of CCRIS should not be a worry for you.

        In such cases, the Bank will look at mainly:
        1) The value of the house
        2) Your repayment capability i.e your income
        3) Your debt servicing ratio.

        What it means that your debt servicing ratio should not exceed your basic salary is that the bank will lump up all your “secured” loans monthly instalment with the Bank, and divide it against your salary.

        Generally, the basic rule of thumb of the Debt Servicing Ratio is based on this rationale:
        -33.0% of your salary will be used for your daily expenses.
        -33.0% of your salary will be used for your bills and taxes.
        -The remaining 34.0% is therefore available for payment of loans (car and house).

        Since your basic salary is RM3,700, then your total instalment for your car payable to the bank, and your proposed house purchase, should not be more than RM1,480 (about 33% of your salary).

        This calculation is applicable if ALL your loans is in the SAME bank i.e. car loan and housing loan in Bank A. Any instalments you have in Bank B, will not be included into this calculation.

        However, I have to highlight that some banks do take into consideration the instalments that you are paying other banks as well, in their calculation. My opinion is that this type of banks are overly conservative and will lose out a lot of customers due to this. Usually the margin is increased from 33% or 40% to maybe 66% or 70%, which will approve their ratio. In such cases, CCRIS will play an important role as your money is now tighter with the new loan.

        If your monthly house instalment is not that much, you should be able to get the loan approved, otherwise the bank will try to adjust it as much as possible. If your DSR exceeds their criteria, they will offer you a lower margin of financing.

        Good luck.

  42. zairiasdi
    Jun 07, 2010 @ 14:12:26

    Saya ingin mendapat kepastian samada saya masih disenaraihitam atau tidak.


    • Amir
      Jun 07, 2010 @ 23:47:08

      Hanya bank yang boleh menyenaraihitamkan anda. Senarai hitam biasanya akan diperolehi dari dua sumber, 1)senarai hitam dalaman oleh bank anda, dan 2) senarai hitam luaran oleh CTOS. CCRIS hanya merekodkan sejarah pembayaran pinjaman anda, bukan senarai hitaman. Oleh itu, anda perlu
      1) melangsaikan hutang dengan bank anda jika ianya senarai hitam dalaman. Senarai hitam dalaman bermaksud pembayaran lewat tetapi tiada tindakan mahkamah di ambil. Rekod anda hanya dengan bank anda sahaja, bank lain tidak tahu status pinjaman anda, tetapi boleh di lihat melalui CCRIS. Ini bermakna anda masih lagi boleh membuat pinjaman dari bank lain, bergantung hanya pada rekod CCRIS.
      2) melangsaikan hutang untuk rekod CTOS. Anda perlukan surat dari bank untuk memperbaiki rekod CTOS anda kepada “selesai” (settled). Oleh kerana CTOS berkaitan rekod mahkamah, ianya wajib di selesaikan dahulu. Jika tidak, nama anda akan terus disenaraihitamkan.

      Good luck.


  43. jeejee
    Jun 08, 2010 @ 13:40:44

    Hi Amir,

    Can we proceed to apply for housing loan with below condition? It is possible to get approver on my application?

    I’m still servicing personal loan (outstanding=~3k) and one credit card (outstanding=~8k) with good repayment history. My wife has one credit card (outstanding=0). We have two kids.

    Total Income per month (Husband and wife) = 7K ++ min.

    Housing loan is around rm450000.

    Thanks for your advice in advanced.



    • Amir
      Jun 08, 2010 @ 20:57:00

      Hi JeeJee,

      That’s a tough call, and it looks quite tight. Let’s assume that all your payment track-record in CCRIS are OK, and your income is stable (good employment) and your property is of good value (at RM450k, I bet it is really a nice buy).

      Looking at the normal Debt Servicing Criteria or Ratio (DSR), usually a loan is granted if the expected monthly instalment is less than 33% of the income of the borrower. Working backwards, if I assume a 30 year loan at 5.50% per annum for RM450,000 the instalment will be RM2,555 per month. Your qualifying total income must be at least RM2,555 x 3 times = RM7,665 per month. At 5.0% interest rate, your qualifying income must be at least RM7,247 per month (instalment of RM2,416).

      If you are earning RM8,000 and above, there is a strong chance to get approved, as there are some buffer to the calculation.

      There are so many variables to this formula i.e. loan amount, length of loan, interest rate charged, but this is the basic formula. 33.3% is the standard, but there are some banks which looks at 40% if certain conditions are met. Talk to the banker on the package they are giving, and you can have a more accurate calculation.

      Click on the below link to read more about DSR.


      Good Luck!


  44. jeejee
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 10:10:51

    Hi Amir,

    Thanks for ur information, which mean that I can still try to proceed for the loan application, even though I’m still servicing personal loan and credit card at the same time? Will it affect my housing loan approver?



    • Amir
      Jun 10, 2010 @ 00:07:01

      Hi JeeJee

      Personally, I think you can proceed to apply for the loan, as the balance for your personal loan is only about RM3k and Credit Card RM8K, which together will be about RM11k which is not so big amount. 5.0% of RM11K is only about RM550 per month, compared to your house value of RM450k.

      Plus, if your income meets the criteria and is stable, the banks will seriously consider your application.

      Usually a bank will not look too much at the unsecured loans commitment (credit cards and personal loan) IF the conduct of these loans are good and on-time. As long as your monthly commitment with the new loan is about 33% of your total income, a Bank is more comfortable to approve it. But to be on the safe side, just ask your Bank how much is the qualifying criteria for DSR and whether the personal loan commitments are included into the DSR calculation. Some banks do include them in the calculation but increase their DSR, so overall it comes out the same.

      You sound like you have a good chance. Good luck.


  45. jong
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 10:44:41

    Indicates the status of the credit facility. means Oustanding i.e. on-going facility. Other terms include Pending, Approved, Rejected, Settled, Write Off, Rescheduled, Restructured.

    hi, bro.

    did u know stand for what?



    • jong
      Jun 09, 2010 @ 10:48:38

      sorry..i think is system error.

      for STS – F, F stand for what ya?


      • Amir
        Jun 10, 2010 @ 00:22:01

        Dear Jong,

        Good question. I don’t have that definition in my CCRIS manual. Will try to find out what STS – F means.

        The only thing that I can think of is F = Frozen, in cases where there is a court action, or deceased account or request to freeze the facility by a third party (police or Anti Money Laundering action). Does that makes sense? I don’t know, I will have to find out. It is the first time I came across that.

        Will update you when I get an answer. Thanks for asking. Cheers

  46. Kak Noor
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 17:26:51

    Salam Amir,

    Baru-baru ini kakak ada memohon pinjaman peribadi 2 kali dari 2 buah bank yang berlainan tetapi mendukacitakan kerana kedua-duanya ditolak walaupun kakak menepati kelayakan yang diminta.

    Kakak tidak faham kenapa ditolak kerana selama ini kakak tidak pernah miss membuat pembayaran kepada pinjaman perumahan atau kad-kad kredit.(Buat waktu ini pinjaman perumahan terlewat sebulan di atas sebab masaalah kewangan yg kakak hadapi – simpanan telah habis digunakan untuk pembelajaran anak-anak dan perubatan ibu kakak).

    Seingatan kakak, kakak pernah ada masaalah dengan pembayaran kad kredit sebuah bank tetapi telah dilangsaikan semua.

    Disamping itu lebih kurang 20 tahun yang lalu seseorg dari keluarga kakak pernah menggunakan nama kakak untuk membuat pinjaman kereta tetapi beliau tidak membayar ansuran sehingga kereta itu ditarik. Tetapi kakak telah berjumpa pegawai bank tersebut dan beliau berkata hendak menyelesaikan masaalah itu tetapi beliau telah berhenti pula. Setelah itu kakak pun berdiam diri dan berfikir mungkin mereka anggap itu “bad debt” kerana amaunnya yg tidak sampai RM1 ribu.

    Tahun lepas kakak membuka akaun simpanan dibank yang sama (cawangan lain), pada mulanya pegawai itu berkata nama kakak ada masaalah tetapi setelah diajukan kepada pegawai atasan nya, beliau membenarkan proses pembukaan akaun itu.

    Persoalan kakak, adakah disebabkan itu kakak ada bad record di CCRIS.
    Wajarkah kakak terus memohon pinjaman peribadi dari bank lain.
    Apakah langkah yang patut kakak lakukan.

    Harap dapat membantu.


    • Amir
      Jun 09, 2010 @ 23:44:06

      Salam Kak Noor,

      Biasanya, rekod buruk boleh disemak di CTOS, bukan CCRIS. CCRIS hanya menunjukkan rekod pembayaran 12 bulan terakhir, tetapi CTOS akan menujukkan rekod dimana tindakan mahkamah atau guaman diambil. Membaca penjelasan Kak Noor berkenaan pembukaan akaun simpanan di bank, jelas bahawa nama Kak Noor ada didalam blacklist CTOS ataupun bank tersebut. Tak mungkin ianya kerana CCRIS sebab CCRIS hanya boleh di lihat oleh pihak Bank semasa permohonan pinjaman sahaja. Kalau ianya pembukaan akaun simpanan = CTOS.

      CTOS menyimpan semua rekod tindakan mahkamah atau guaman, tidak kira samada ianya sudah diselesaikan atau tidak, tidak kira samada Kak Noor adalah peminjam ataupun penjamin (guarantor). Amat penting untuk Kak Noor memastikan rekod di CTOS di kemaskinikan jika segala hutang sudah langsai, dengan memberikan CTOS surat pelepasan hutang dari Bank.

      Untuk maklumat Kak Noor, tiada konsep “Bad debt” bagi sebuah bank, walaupun dalam sistem mereka, diklasifikasikan sebagai “Bad Debt”. Sebarang bad debt tetap direkodkan di institusi seperti CTOS selagi belum diselesaikan. Bagi sebuah Bank, “bad debt” bermakna mereka tidak perlu lagi mengejar peminjam untuk bayaran kerana tindakan mahkamah sudah di ambil. Kalau peminjam akhirnya membayar balik “bad debt” tersebut, ianya bagaikan bonus kepada bank iaitu “Bad debt recovered”.

      Sebelum Kak Noor cuba memohon dari bank lain, wajar Kak Noor pergi melawat ke CTOS untuk mendapatkan rekod Kak Noor. Cara2 memohon rekod Kak Noor seperti link berikut http://www.ctos.com.my/ . Kalau Kak Noor terus memohon tanpa penyelesaikan di CTOS, permohonan Kak Noor mungkin terus ditolak dan rekod Kak Noor di CCRIS pula terjejas. Ini kerana CCRIS menunjukkan kepada Bank lain semua rekod permohonan ditolak oleh bank dimana Kak Noor memohon pinjaman sebelum ini. Ini boleh menyebabkan Bank2 lain sangsi dengan permohonan Kak Noor sebagai satu permohonan “mencuba nasib” ataupun “desperate” dan akan terus di tolak.

      Pinjaman peribadi memang agak ketat kriterianya. Oleh itu, cuba pastikan rekod CTOS Kak Noor bersih dan rekod bayaran di CCRIS tepat pada masanya.

      Semoga berjaya. Good luck.


      • Kak Noor
        Jun 10, 2010 @ 14:02:29

        Salam Amir,

        Terima kasih banyak-banyak di atas jawapan Amir dan ianya sangat-sangat membantu, terutama kepada orang biasa yang tak tahu apa-apa spt Kak Noor.

        Keep up the good works.
        May Allah bless you. Amin.

  47. Jayson
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 03:34:32

    Hi Amir,

    Can i check with you whether bank negara still keep record on CCRIS for past 7 years period?For your information,I have several credit card without any outstanding amount but i had already cancel all the credit card before i gone to oversea to work on 7 years ago.And my questions is would bank still able to track my CCRIS after 7 years cooling period later?

    By the way,i don’t have any loan application at Malaysia except credit card before i gone to overseas!

    If let say i want to apply housing loan at Malaysia now,would my CCRIS lack of information for bank to approved my loan?

    I am appreciate for your reply.

    Thank You!



    • Amir
      Jun 10, 2010 @ 22:55:55

      Hi Jayson,

      The only way to be sure is to get hold of your CCRIS record from BNM yourself. The 7 years cooling period doesn’t not apply to CCRIS, as all CCRIS does is to consolidate and show what BANKS are reporting. The records in CCRIS will show only the past 12 months record, but what is show in the 12 months record depends highly on what the Banks themselves report to BNM’s CCRIS system.

      The right question you should be asking is that, what dies your previous bank report to CCRIS now, or do they still maintain your account and continue reporting them to CCRIS?

      If the Bank has cleared off all your records, this is reported to BNM and your CCRIS will be clean. If there is still outstanding balances and it is overdue, the Bank is entitled to report this to BNM system and your CCRIS will not be clean. I myself used to have this record due to my credit card which was cancelled about 5 years ago: 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 on a balance of RM1,100. It means that my outstanding balance of RM460 (due to a few years of annual fee charges) has accumulated over 67 months of non-payment/non-settlement and that the amount has increased to about RM1,100. When I found out, I had no choice but to pay off this amount. I was angry, but what else can I do? I hope you don’t have such situation.

      But there are also some banks that write off your records after some time, so your CCRIS will be clean but they will maintain your name in an internal blacklist. Such policies changes from time to time, but more often, reporting to CCRIS is the best method of collecting back any amount overdue.

      If you have cleared all your outstanding before going overseas and the banks have CLOSED your account, your records should be fine. However, you have to know that although a card has been cancelled but the account is not closed, there could be recurring Annual Fees for your card, and if so, the amount will become overdue. When a Bank cancelled a card, the account is usually kept opened for a few more months so that any late claims by merchants can be recorded in the account for settlement. And if during that time an annual fee is also imposed, then you will have an outstanding amount in your account, and the account will never be closed until you settle it.

      As I said, it is better to check it yourself, as 7 years is a long time and if they cannot contact you when you are away, then there may be problems.

      I hope it all turns out alright, Jayson. Good luck.


  48. Marliah
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 16:41:15

    Salam Amir,

    Saya telah memohon pinjaman perumahan (untuk rumah yang 3) baru2 ni tetapi pemohonan saya ditolak oleh pihak bank atas sebab saya pernah buat ‘reschedule’ untuk pinjaman perumahan yang sediaada.
    soalan saya :
    1.apakah pihak bank sukar utk meluluskan pinjaman sekiranya pernah membuat reschedule ? tujuan reschedule adalah untuk mengurangkan bayaran bulanan supaya bajet saya tidak terlalu ketat.
    2. saya ada print rekod ccris, rekod saya menunjukan : 000000000000 untuk semua rekod pinjaman. dgn rekod sebegini tidak boleh ke pihak bank pertimbangkan permohonan saya.

    3. Sekiranya saya memohon di bank lain adakah ia menjejaskan rekod ccris saya setelah pinjaman awal ditolak.

    terima kasih


    • Amir
      Jun 10, 2010 @ 23:35:42

      Hello Marliah,

      Biasanya, untuk pinjaman perumahan, CCRIS bukanlah kriteria terpenting, tetapi
      1) Nilai Rumah
      2) Gaji dan sumber pendapatan
      3) Ratio Pembayaran Balik vs Pendapatan tidak melebihi 33%

      1) Pertama, pihak Bank perlu yakin dengan rumah yang ingin dibeli, dimana nilai rumah dijangka stabil dalam jangkamasa panjang ataupun rumah / kawasan perumahan tersebut mempunyai demand daripada orang-ramai jika perlu di lelong. Jika ini lulus, Banks akan menilai kriteria ke2.

      2) Jika gaji dan sumber pendapatan adalah tetap ataupun stabil, pihak Bank akan lebih selesa memberikan pinjaman, dan akan terus menilai kriteria ke3

      3) Ratio Pembayaran balik vs Pendapatan. Jika jumlah pembiayaan ke-tiga2 rumah tidak melebihi 33%, kemungkinan permohonan di luluskan lebih tinggi. Kriteria ini adalah kriteria paling penting dalam meluluskan pinjaman.

      Kemungkinan besar pinjaman di tolak mungkin kerana ratio ini, dan bukan kerana “reschedule”. Cuba bertanya kepada bank tersebut berkenaan sebab sebenar sebelum memohon pinjaman seterusnya kerana jika permohonan ditolak, rekod penolakkan itu akan timbul dalam rekod CCRIS, dan akan menjejaskan permohonan akan datang….

      Semoga berjaya…


  49. Mr Ho
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 18:25:40

    Dear Amir,

    thanks for your information. I have an outstanding of credit cards with a bank previously which i’m not servicing for 6 months. but a month ago, i have made a full settlement on the credit cards. The officer in charge of my collection told me my records will be deleted from the CCRIS in a month time from the date of full settlement. but today, when i went to BNM, i found that my record still in CCRISS showing an outstanding of 6 months.

    How can i get this deleted from CCRRIS? Thanks.


  50. Mr Ho
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 18:29:56

    Dear Amir,

    thanks for your information. I have an outstanding of credit cards with a bank previously which i’m not servicing for 6 months. but a month ago, i have made a full settlement on the credit cards. The officer in charge of my collection told me my records will be deleted from the CCRIS in a month time from the date of full settlement. but today, when i went to BNM, i found that my record still in CCRISS showing an outstanding of 6 months.

    I have a house loan and a car loan whih i’m paying promptlyy

    How can i get this deleted from CCRRIS? Thanks.


    • Amir
      Jun 24, 2010 @ 01:15:18

      Dear Mr Ho,

      I think when the bank officer says that the record is deleted, he probably meant “regularised” to a “0”. And the update will be only for the current month moving forward. You cannot change the records of the previous months, because CCRIS is merely a reporting platform and is not a dynamic platform. Whatever the banks have reported previously in CCRIS, will remain. All updates only effects future records.

      So if your current month record is not updated, it could be that the bank has reported the status AFTER your payment has regularised. Each bank will report the statuses once per month, and if your payment came in after this date, probably it will only be updated the following month. The reporting dates for each bank differs from bank to bank.

      Hope that helps, Good luck.


  51. Eddy
    Jun 23, 2010 @ 17:00:04

    Hi Amir,

    I have applied AKPK due to my overused credit cards. It had been 2 years now since i’m paying for AKPK.

    The problem here is that recently i was promoted to a Manager position and needs a credit card for all my travelling which is claimable under company. To be honest, I’m not going to touch those plastic devils again but in this case, I’ll need them.

    Is there a way to aply for them as I know that, no loans or credit cards can be applied.

    What will be reflected in my CCRIS in this case?



    • Amir
      Jun 24, 2010 @ 01:24:46

      Dear Eddy,

      You actually sound like me a few years back when I no longer hold a credit card but my job requires me to travel to conduct training. It was a difficult period because I had to manage by cash, and debit cards during all those travelling. It was tough, there was even a period where I to swallow my pride to ask my travelling colleagues to put everything on his credit card.

      The sad thing is that… I don’t know what can I advise you. Debit Cards are useful only if there is money in the account. The only solution is to request for a Corporate Credit Card, which is issued via your company. Your company should be able to arrange that for you, as banks are more open to issuing cards to corporate clients for their employees use. And your company should support you with this, as you will only be using the cards for approved purposes only.

      That’s the only advice I can think of, as I wasn’t able to find another solution myself. Hope your company can arrange that for you. Good luck.


  52. Mohan
    Jul 07, 2010 @ 11:04:09

    Hi Amir,

    My current Ccris report :

    Home Loan – Balance Rm 210,607.00 – from July-10 (000001111332) to August-09
    CC – Balance Rm 1,482.00 – from July-10 (000001210432) to August-09

    My basic is 3.5k. I applied personal loan on April 2010 but rejected. Do you think i will get through if I appyl now? Need your advice.

    Many Thanks


    • qilamonster
      Jul 07, 2010 @ 16:59:26

      Hi Mohan,

      In my opinion, you will still face some difficulty as long as the “4” and the “3” is ther in your records. You have to realise that personal loans are the toughest loan to give out, simply because the amount is bigger than credit cards (usually up to 5 or 7 times of your salary, compared to credit card 3.5 times your salary). A more strict criteria will definitely be employed in personal loans.

      Looking at your record… at least another 3 months is needed until your records look better (without 4 & 3). And from now onwards, your Credit Card conduct is KEY in getting that personal loan. For instance, in the credit criteria that I used to write for my previous bank, is to reject application if the “unsecured conduct shows more than 2×1 or 1×2 in the past 12 months” This means we cannot approve if you have more than 2 times 1 month due or 1 time 2 months due in the past 12 months. In your case… it is still borderline if you wait 3 months time, but can be approved if the salary / employment is stable and within the criteria.

      Also remember you have a housing loan of about RM210 k which means you could be paying about RM1,300++ per month. That is about 37% of your salary. Ask the bank for how much you can further borrow based on this. I believe you should be fine if the monthly instalment for the personal loan is within RM400 to RM500 per month, but I am not sure of the package you are going after. Talk to them, they can give you the answer if you ask the right questions.

      Good luck, man. I note that you did regularise your loans 9 months ago, so good job.



  53. Apri
    Jul 13, 2010 @ 17:15:03

    Hi Amir,

    Thank you for this great service you are doing.

    I am trying to remove a card that shows as “special attention” on my CCRIS report. If I manage to settle it with the bank this week, how long do you think it will take for it to be cleared from my CCRIS report?



  54. Apri
    Jul 13, 2010 @ 17:19:53


    Thank you for this great service you are doing.

    I am trying to remove a card that shows as “special attention” on my CCRIS report. If I manage to settle with the bank by this week, how long do you think it will take for it to be cleared off from my CCRIS report?



    • qilamonster
      Jul 13, 2010 @ 20:21:55

      Dear Apri,

      Unfortunately, the CCRIS does not work like that, as BNM merely publish whatever it is being reported to them by the Banks at a specific point of time, usually a few days after month end. Therefore, CCRIS is a static data tool for its users. Whenever you make payment to a Bank, the Bank’s record is updated but it won’t update BNM’s record for the CCRIS. Any updates will only be reflected in the following month’s record, when the Bank report it in the next month.

      But if the Bank has upgraded your status from “Special Mention” to “Active”, then the current records in CCRIS will no longer show “Special Mention”. It is up to you to check with the Bank that the status is regularised after you have made the settlement. Status upgrades should be automated, though, so if the Bank said that your payments are now “regular”, then their system should show the same thing.

      But another thing, I am not sure why they classify you as special mention, but sometimes, Banks don’t remove this status even if you have cleared the arrears due to certain reasons. I am not sure why they put this status, but if it was because of late payments, then it should go off on its own when payments are updated. If there is a special reason (sometimes due to pending investigations or legal action), then it won’t go off when you make payment.

      Good luck. Hope you manage to clear the status automatically. Cheers


  55. kaifahalas
    Jul 20, 2010 @ 00:36:07

    The ccris report is available to anyone by quarterly basis @ 3 month interval.

    we can’t go and print it at every month .


    • qilamonster
      Jul 20, 2010 @ 19:58:24

      Hi Kaifahalas,

      You’re right. Previously it was allowed to inquire every half-yearly, but now it has been allowed for every quarter. This is to help the consumer to manage their CCRIS better, when they are able to understand the report.



  56. Mohan
    Jul 20, 2010 @ 09:56:39


    1. Can we apply personal loan and credit card with a bank Simultaneously. If yes, which application will have more changes to get approve?

    2. I have noticed number of forum tread with Personal Loan details as follows:

    Does all this this loan legitimate? Can we go ahead and apply?

    Many Thanks


    • qilamonster
      Jul 20, 2010 @ 20:13:53

      Hello Mohan,

      1. You can apply for both personal loan and credit cards simultaneously, but overall, credit cards will be easier to approve simply because the limits approved for credit cards are lower, and risks are lower (because it is not a full utilisation product) and the potential interest is higher (especially during late payments). But, if your income and conduct is good, they will approve both, because the potential returns for the bank is also higher. As a general rule, if you qualify for credit card, you may not qualify for personal loan, but if you qualify for personal loans, it is easier to give a credit card… because the criteria for personal loan is tougher. However, banks tend to split the evaluation of these two products. That’s why credit cards are mostly sold by conventional banks, but the personal “financing” is sold by the Islamic arms of the conventional banks, or purely Islamic Banks.

      2. This is a question that I cannot answer, because I wonder too on how these scheme operates. I hesitate to recommend them, because I don’t know how they mitigate their risks without CCRIS, CTOS or Blacklist. Usually, high risks means high returns for the company. They are taking exceptionally high risks, so I don’t know their pricing structure or their collaterals. And if this is too good to be true, it probably is, and if it is, then all the public will apply through these schemes. As it is, the Bank’s products are more popular… we don’t see a huge shift of consumer applying through these schemes. I can’t recommend them, because I don’t know much about them. Sorry.

      Good luck and borrow safe!


  57. freezy
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 15:26:13


    My credit card application was rejected by the bank recently. Fyi, i paid full settlement on my credit card which i been ignoring for a couple of years in May ’10. Another long outstanding charge card has been change to term loan. My CCRIS record only indicates my term loan charge card with no outstanding. Do you know why is my application is rejected? Do i have to check with CTOS? Should i wait for couple of mths to re-apply? Thanks.


    • qilamonster
      Jul 22, 2010 @ 18:53:04

      Hi Freezy,

      Sounds like it is most likely to be CTOS, because although it might not be a bankruptcy case, any legal case will be picked up in CTOS records. You should check. Hopefully you are not applying the card with the same bank you defaulted, because you will be blacklisted internally.

      I am not sure how it is represented in CCRIS if it was a credit card default now converted into a term loan, but if there is any indication of this in the CCRIS, it will also look bad, because the Bank will know that this is essentially a “bad” loan which is now restructured. Maybe it is nothing, but I am not sure if there is any indication on CCRIS to show this.

      You can wait for a couple of months to re-apply, but without checking the above, I am not sure how to proceed further. I don’t think the card issuer Visa or Mastercard has any role in the rejection, as they deal with merchants mostly. So, at the end of the day, it is still the Bank’s call to reject. It is a matter of finding out why they are rejecting you.

      Check your CTOS, if there is nothing there, then you need to sit down with the Bank, as they may have been rejecting you on other criteria. Good luck in finding out, but don’t give up.


      • freezy
        Jul 24, 2010 @ 12:26:20

        hi.. thanks for the advise. just checked with ctos, surprisingly.. there are no records on their database. alhamdullilah. just need one more advise from you, if i wnt to apply for a car loan this oct wht are t chances getting the loan to be approved since my cc application is rejected. i dont want to apply for any loan just to get rejected by t bank. like u said, any rejected application will reflect in ccris. thanks.

      • qilamonster
        Jul 25, 2010 @ 14:21:20

        Hi Freezy,

        Glad to hear your CTOS is clear, because that is where it is most difficult to manage. As for your applying for a car loan, if you CCRIS is ok and CTOS is clean, chances are good.

        Yes, car loans are easier to apply and get approved for, firstly because the flat rate returns for the bank is good and secondly, its a secured financing. In such loan, income and margin of financing is very important to the Bank to consider, and they should rely less on CCRIS. Usually, even if income is stable but not sufficient, the bank will either increase the financing rate or reduce the financing amount, but it should still be approved. Whether you accept their offer, that’s another matter.

        October should be OK as you should have almost 6 months clean records. If you really need the car, go for it; don’t worry too much about having a “reject” record in CCRIS if you really need the car. Sometimes, you just got to do what you got to do.

        Maybe once you have a car loan, you can build a good history to qualify you for a credit card.

        Good luck

  58. shazali bin kamaruddin
    Jul 26, 2010 @ 11:04:55

    Need to check my status ..i already clear my blacklist with citos but need to know my status at ccris


    • qilamonster
      Jul 26, 2010 @ 22:49:37

      Hi Sazali,

      You can go to BNM offices to obtain the CCRIS report directly from the counter. Check out the BNM Credit Bureau website to find out their location and working hours. Click on the above “Credit Bureau” link to find more information. Don’t forget to bring your IC.

      BTW, clearing your record in CTOS blacklist will not change the historical records in CCRIS. It will only improve your records going forward.

      Good luck, Sazali.


  59. Lope
    Jul 27, 2010 @ 12:27:54


    Few years ago, I experienced somebody using my IC and took the loan from the bank and succesfull. When I find out, do the police report, he was arrested, fine in court, jailed and deported to his own country. Using all police and court documents, the bank released my name.

    But the records of NPL still in CCRIS or CTOS. I still having difficulties to apply loan, some bank ask for guarantor.

    Can U sir telling me if there any way to get my record in CCRIS or CTOS clear because the NPL was not done by me but by somebody else.

    Thanks in advance.


    • qilamonster
      Jul 27, 2010 @ 14:43:51

      Salam Lope,

      So sorry to hear your predicament. The problem with automated system is that it is a garbage-in-garbage-out where whatever is reported by the banks or the courts, gets picked up by CCRIS or CTOS. CTOS records will always be there, but in cases like these, please discuss with CTOS on how to remove this “error”, or in the event they cannot remove it, how to better represent your status in the report. Instead of the status “Settled”, maybe they can add a bit more description to the status? “Stolen identity”? “Fradulent documents”? I don’t know if it is possible, but do talk to them, as you are a victim in this case.

      As for CCRIS, this is what is being reported by the Bank to BNM. Only the Bank can make this changes, and if the Bank’s record classify you with an NPL record, this is reflected in CCRIS as it is. Some banks, although the account is settled as NPL, the NPL status is still maintained for the internal records, as a method of internal blacklist so that the Bank don’t lend to the same person again. If this status is reported to BNM, then it will still show. I know for loans, this conduct of account will clear itself out after 12 months, but I am not sure if the supplementary information sheet also clears off after 12 months on such details. Let me check on this, if I find the answer I will update you.

      Honestly, once we have a bad record, it is difficult to get rid of it. Even myself, I have bad records from a few years back, but until now am having difficulties with some types of loan.

      Good luck.


    • qilamonster
      Jul 29, 2010 @ 14:40:39

      A quick update on the supplementary information. There is a Special Attention Account report which Banks can see in CCRIS, which shows the “bad-debts” account which has been written off by the Bank. In your case, the bad debt is due to fraudulent events, but maybe that record is still appearing in the “Special Attention Account” report which is seen by the other Banks? I am not sure if other Banks go further to check on information for this report, but that could add to the rejection.

      I am not sure what you can do about this. You can have a word with your Bank and ask them why your loan application is rejected, and if this “Special Attention Account” status is the reason, see if you can get your Bank to remove or amend this record.

      Good luck.


  60. Lee
    Aug 14, 2010 @ 12:10:11

    Hi, If i had settled my loan now which were 31 mths in arrears with no CTOS reported. How long will it take to delete from the CCRIS system.


    • qilamonster
      Aug 14, 2010 @ 14:34:53

      Hello Lee,

      Generally, a CCRIS record clears itself in 12 months time after the account is settled or regularized. Glad to hear there is no CTOS record, because usually, 31 months in arrears will have a record somewhere. Please also check your bank whether they have any internal blacklist for your account, and also re-check CCRIS in 3 months time just to monitor your account.



  61. Anita
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 09:13:26

    Salam En. Amir.

    Saya ada buat loan kereta. Dapat panggilan dari sebuah bank dan buat sedikit interview. Saya baru kerja 3 bulan dan kontrak selama 2 tahun. Sebelum ini saya adalah surirumah. Bank hendakkan penjamin dan saya sudah sediakan penjamin. Nama saya rasanya tidak ada masalah di CCRIS.

    Hampir seminggu berlalu, tidak ada khabar berita. Kemudian, baru2 ni, saya dapat panggilan dari officer bank yang sama bertanyakan kalau saya ada simpanan ASB, FD dan sebagainya yang boleh membantu menyokong permohonan saya. Dia kata gaji saya tidak cukup untuk jumlah loan yang diminta. Saya katakan tidak ada, tetapi ada simpanan tetapi dalam akaun suami. Untuk pengetahuan en. Amir, saya ada membuat pinjaman bersama untuk rumah dgn suami. Tetapi suami saya yang membayar sepenuhnya pinjaman itu. Saya tidak boleh membuat join income sebab suami saya ada AKPK.

    Kemudian saya minta suami saya untuk pindahkan wang itu ke akaun saya. Saya berikan penyata bank itu kepada bank tersebut dan sekarang saya sedang menunggu keputusan. Pada pendapat en. Amir, bank boleh meluluskan pinjaman saya atau tidak? TQ.


  62. Anita
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 09:34:48

    En. Amir,

    Oh ya, ada penambahan sedikit. Gaji= RM4000 Loan yg dipohon = RM123,888.
    Rumah, monthly =RM1100 (suami yang bayar, tapi nama saya ada dalam aggreement) kemungkinan besar ada dalam CCRIS. Tapi payment, 2006-2007 ada problem sikit. sekarang dah ok.


  63. qilamonster
    Aug 17, 2010 @ 02:15:45

    Dear Anita,

    Kalau payment untuk tahun 2007, dalam CCRIS rekod tersebut mungkin tiada lagi, kecuali jika ada masalah undang2, mungkin timbul didalam CTOS. Kalau dah regularised, mungkin ok. Biasanya, jika Bank meminta cik Anita memasukkan simpanan tetap, besar kemungkinan peluang cerah, kerana pegawai bank is fighting for your case. Kalau dirasakan loan tidak boleh diluluskan, dari awal lagi pegawai bank akan menolak application cik Anita.

    Rasanya, ada kemungkinan lulus kerana: 1) Pinjaman kereta adalah secured loan, dimana kereta adalah collateral, 2) Penjamin sudah diberikan, untuk cover aspek gaji, 3) Simpanan tetap juga telah diberikan, untuk cover aspek bayaran balik.

    Kelulusan kini bergantung lebih kepada kontrak pekerjaan cik Anita. Jika kontrak cik Anita hanya untuk 2 tahun, pihak bank perlu decide tentang risiko pembiayaan tempoh lebihan pinjaman kereta tersebut. Jika permohonan melebihi 2 tahun, pihak bank perlu diyakinkan bahawa pembayaran balik pinjaman akan dapat diteruskan setelah kontrak cik Anita tamat. Jika pihak bank tidak yakin, permohonan mungkin ditolak.

    Dalam kes sebegini, pihak bank juga perlu menilai kekuatan penjamin cik Anita, samada penjamin tersebut berupaya menyambung bayaran kereta ci Anita setelah kontrak cik Anita tamat.

    Good luck.


  64. Jason
    Aug 18, 2010 @ 12:09:29


    Does minimum payment for each month for the credit card does affect my credit scoring at CCRIS ?

    What i mean i pay before the due date with minimum payment?

    Thank you


    • The Hotspot
      Sep 02, 2010 @ 19:46:20

      Hi Jason,

      Paying the Minimum Payment before due date means you are making on-time regular payment, so CCRIS will show the record as “0” i.e. not in default. The Banks will know if you are paying minimum amount or full amount when they see the balance outstanding.

      Therefore, its ok to pay the minimum payment, with making your CCRIS show bad record. Cheers


  65. norlela
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 11:46:52

    En Amir,
    Saya ingin memohon loan rumah sebanyak rm150K dan saya bercadang mencagarkan sijil simpanan asb sebanyak Rm50k.. kerana loan ini utuk rumah ke 3. soalan saya :
    1.perlukah saya cagarkan sijil asb
    2. crriss report saya ialah : 021111000011 apakah peluang utk lulus ?
    3. saya didlm proses menjual rumah ke 2.. apakah bukti yg perlu saya tunjuk kepada bank selain S & P..
    4. rumah yg ingin beli berharga rm280k sya perlukan loan sebyk rm150k yang selebihnya saya akan top up
    saya amat risau tentang laporan criss saya.
    Harap en amir dpt membantu menjawab soalan2 diatas.

    Terima kasih


    • Amir
      Oct 04, 2011 @ 11:11:44

      Secara am, CRRIS rekod Cik Norlela masih ok, tetapi semua bergantung kepada kriteria kredit bank. Untuk rumah ke3 memang susah, repayment ability dan margin of financing. Cagaran ASB tidak perlu, melainkan pendapatan tak mencukupi. Berbincanglah dengan pegawai bank, kerana pada saya, rekod CCRIS masih elok tetapi factor lain mungkin pengaruhi keputusan bank.


      • norlela
        Oct 04, 2011 @ 14:32:50

        Terima kasih atas komen en amir ..amat membantu.

  66. gringo
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 12:58:19

    En amir,
    saya ada apply loan rumah sebyk rm150k.. harga rumah rm260k basic gaji cuma 2.5k + income sewa masok rm450… komitmen sediaada dlm rm840..saya dah chek crris rekod ok.. & ada simpanan asb rm80k ..pendapat en amir bank bole consider ke permohonan saya. harap en emir dapt memberi pandangan.


    • Amir
      Oct 07, 2011 @ 16:49:03

      Gringo, off-hand the record looks good to me. I think there is still a chance, depending on how long the loan will be stretched. 50% of RM2.5k is RM1.24 + RM450 = RM1.7 income. Less your commitment of RM840, it is about RM800 still available for housing loan instalment. I think for loan of RM150k, the instalments will be around this level. The ASB record will help matters.


  67. painsan
    Jan 16, 2014 @ 22:18:20

    When is the exact time for ‘application for credit’ change to ‘credit details credit’?


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Jan 17, 2014 @ 22:50:34

      All details of customer application and it’s status is dependent on the bank’s update in the system. If I am not mistaken, the CCRIS data is extracted from the banks system by BNM for their updates every end of month ( a few days before the month end, there’s a schedule), so even if your loan application is now approved, it could still show as “application” if the extraction is before the change in the status.


  68. KumarA KuMarx
    Mar 20, 2014 @ 08:26:15

    Sy seorang bankruptcy.setiap bulan sy bayar pada insolvensi rm 100.baru2 ini sy mengalami kemalangan jln raya.perkeso membayar pampasan pada sy.bolehkah duit itu diambil oleh insolvensi


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Mar 21, 2014 @ 00:44:59

      I’m sorry because I can’t answer you this question. I don’t know the answer but I think Jabatan Insolvensi can take it if it is in your account. You have to check with Perkeso, the best alternative. Good luck


  69. Liza
    May 09, 2014 @ 20:53:17

    Saya Liza Lagi. Nak Tanya, sekiranya loan rumah saya is under legal action dalam Rekod ccris, tapi pembayaran dah pun update. Ada tak masalahnya, sekiranya saya bercadang untuk menjual rumah tersebut? Adakah pembeli akan mempunyai masalah untuk mendapatkan loan?


    • Amir Alfatakh
      May 12, 2014 @ 19:51:22

      Hi Liza,

      Kalau loan rumah under legal action di dalam CCRIS, biasanya tiada masalah penjualan kepada pembeli untuk mendapatkan loan. Cuma, ia bergantung terhadap status legal cik Liza, jikalau its in the bankruptcy proceeding, ia mungkin complicate penjualan itu. Terutama jika sudah masuk listing untuk auction atau lelong. Walaubagaimanapun, apa-apa tindakan cik Liza, perlulah semak dengan bank dulu samada jualan rumah itu akan menimbulkan masaalah. Biasanya, kalau harga rumah itu melebihi jumlah tertunggak dengan bank, tiada masaalah. Jika kurang, mungkin pihak Bank tak bersetuju melainkan cik Liza boleh propose bagaimana untuk melangsaikan shortfall hutang itu.


  70. Jennifer
    May 22, 2014 @ 00:28:29

    Hi Amir,

    I have 2 joint housing loans, house A (RM 497k) and house B (RM 980k) with my partner. I’m now applying for the 3rd home loan with my siblings but was informed by the banker who conducted CCRIS check indicates that I’ve an approved loan of RM 497k but with my name as the sole borrower, while another loan RM980k indicates 2 borrowers. This has however affected my 3rd loan application as my individual commitment is now RM 497k + 490k (RM 980k/2) which by right should be RM 249k (RM 497k/2) + 490k (RM 980k/2). The banker told me sometimes the system may go wrong or mistakenly updated in the system by banker. I called to my previous banker who processed for my house A loan application questioned about this, he is no longer with the bank but he said he remembered updating both borrowers in the system. Can you advise what action should I take so it will not affect my future loan?


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Aug 14, 2014 @ 22:49:46

      Hi Jeniffer,

      Apologies for the late reply, I had some issues with my access.

      Hopefully you have resolved the issues by now.

      But if you haven’t, then you really should talk to your previous banker. In our banking system, usually it is just a matter of tagging in the loan system, while there is 2 names in the application form, there could be an error in the account tagging; instead of “Joint”, the account is tagged as “Sole”. A few things you can try i.e. 1) request your banker to update the system tagging. They will have to raise a change request for this, it will take a few days, but generally there is no impact to the account so the banker should not say no to this request; or 2) request the banker to issue a letter to confirm that the account is indeed a joint-account; or 3) provide your new bank with the original letter of offer for the RM497k loan and the annual/half year statement of accounts, which should indicate the joint account applicant’s name.

      Good luck. Sorry for the delay.


  71. Siti
    Jun 13, 2014 @ 01:06:05

    Hi Mr Amir,

    I just need advice from u.
    I try buat loan dengan bank,tp xlepas because no ccris found.
    But yang peliknye, I ade car loan and personal loan and semuanya cantik dibayar.But i’m still wondering why ccris not found my data?

    Any advice ??


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Aug 14, 2014 @ 22:56:04

      Sorry for the late reply, I was having some access issues to my account and just got it resolved.

      It is weird that there is no CCRIS found. Which Bank is this? Is it the normal bank, or development banks such as agrobank or MBSB? I believe all banks are on CCRIS now, so all financial institutions should report correctly.

      If it is not in CCRIS maybe that bank has made some mistake in the identity data entry. Try and get your CCRIS report from BNM (go to the counter at BNM with your IC and get the report). If there is no record in CCRIS, take that report, go to your bank and request them to re-check their input data.

      If you have a good CCRIS record, it is an advantage for you, an asset when you are applying for credit facility so you should demand that the record be re-checked. However, if your record is not good, maybe it is a good thing to stay under the radar until you clean it up? Good luck.


  72. azlan
    Jun 13, 2014 @ 15:24:20

    Salam En Amir,

    Saya memohon loan kereta sebyk rm20k. ada ker peluang untuk lulus jjika gaji bersih rm 4.4k & tanggungan loan sediada seperti berikut:
    1. loan kereta sediada rm46k pattern byran 122212222222
    2. personal loan rm84k + 5k pattern byran 000000000000
    3. kredit kad baki 3.7k pattern byran 0000000000000
    Harap en amir sudi memberi komen.
    Terima kasih


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Aug 14, 2014 @ 23:06:24

      Hmmm I don’t know per month what’s the individual instalment of the above.

      But based on the following calculation (just taking the principal amount only, and assuming the usual longest financing tenure)
      1) Car loan RM46,000 / 84 months = RM548
      2) Personal loan RM89,000 / 84 months = RM1,059
      3) Kad Kredit RM3,700 x 5% minimum payment = RM185

      Total RM1,792

      Assume 10% additional for the interest portion = RM1,972

      RM1,972 / RM4,400 = 48% debt servicing ratio. Still look ok for approval, however, the car loan track record makes it a risk, because now you are also applying for new car loan, so it is reasonable to assume if the Bank grant you a car loan, you will also behave like the current car loan i.e. 1 and 2s. So for DSR I think it is still reasonable, but for behaviour, it will depend on individual bank’s view on the track record. Some are more lenient but some will take the record as an indicative future behaviour.

      Ask the sales person on how strict is the approval criteria.

      Good luck


  73. The Concern
    Jul 05, 2014 @ 11:43:00

    Hi Mr Amir,

    Nice article & information you have on your blog.

    I would like to get your advise about Credit Card Application, Car & Housing Loan.

    I have been on AKPK for the pass 8 years, and just complete all the due payments to 3 banks due to credit card in June 2014.

    Currently, I found that one of the bank institution hasn’t update my clearance status to the BNM – CCris info after I have clear the payment since Mar14 & the bank also already send the the Letter of Clearance, I have since call the bank to clear the matters & they will update to BNM CCris as told by them.

    Anyway, I am just concern about my future to obtain the credit facilities such as Credit Card, Housing & Car Loan. As I am just trying to apply of credit card but has been reject maybe due to the unclear name at CCris or any particular reason.

    The Question as are:

    Am I able to obtain the credit facilities from financial institutions?

    If yes, how long do I need to wait?

    By the way, I am currently earn 60k per annum, work with MNC company for the pass 5 years.

    Best regards.



    • Amir Alfatakh
      Aug 14, 2014 @ 23:18:41


      Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, was having problems with my account access.

      The AKPK records do complicate things. They will be able to see the status in CCRIS for the past 12 months, and you have only cleared those accounts in June 2014. My suggestion on CCRIS; go to BNM and obtain your latest CCRIS records and see for yourself how is it presented in the CCRIS. If the records shows 1s and 2s in the last 12 months, then there is still hope to getting new facilities. If not, quite tricky to explain, and showing the AKPK statements can be either good or bad; either it shows that you are able to clear debts or it indicates there is potential for default. It is hard to know from bank to bank, which is their preferred view.

      If you want a new start, CCRIS records shows the position only for the past 12 months, therefore if you prefer to wait, it will be a 12 months wait to clean your records.

      If the records are showing clean or acceptable records, do try to apply for a small facility; don’t go for a big amount. Build your credit history again. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but banks are sometimes very particular on this.

      So, get clarity on your own CCRIS records by getting the report yourself. Try to make the CCRIS record clean if there is still bad records. Borrow a small amount first. Pay on time. Re-create a new credit history for the new loan.

      Good luck


  74. May
    Aug 14, 2014 @ 09:36:25

    Hi , Pass few month I have just make full settlement to my supplies who already take the legal action few years ago. And recently my credit card application was rejected due to the CCRIS.
    Pls adviced how to deleted my name in the CCRIS . Can I ask my supplier to do that or ?


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Aug 14, 2014 @ 23:29:05

      Hi May,

      Not really sure what you mean by “supplier”. Is it business suppliers?

      Usually, only banking facilities or loans by government approved bodies can have their records in CCRIS. Not people like suppliers or your customers. There are certain rules the organisation must follow to classify someone as a “default” customers, and I am not sure if suppliers are allowed to do such thing.

      Most likely, it is not CCRIS. It is CTOS. Banks do use CTOS to find out any “hits” of legal actions.

      CTOS is where all the legal actions are recorded a party. CCRIS records the payment history, but CTOS records the legal actions or bankruptcies that goes through the civil court system. If it goes to court and a summons is issued, most likely CTOS will pick that up in their system. It is really difficult to clear this record, and sometimes it does take time until it is done. If you want to clear your records, you can go directly to CTOS and present all the documents issued by the courts that has absolved you of the debt to your supplier i.e. no more outstanding legal summons. CTOS will process this and eventually it will go out of the system.

      You can also ask your supplier to submit to CTOS, but I think it is easier that you do yourself, as it benefit you the most.

      If it really is CCRIS, then something is wrong. Try and get your own records direct from BNM. Go to their counter and obtain a CCRIS report from them. Maybe it will show something else, and not the full settlement to your suppliers.

      Good luck, May


  75. leo chan
    Sep 07, 2014 @ 13:37:17

    Hi Amir
    Been reading many of your advices here and all of them are helpful If you dont mind I ask your advice on my issue?

    I used to have bad ccris with 2 credit cards and a car loan. Early this year I did a full settlement on 2 of my credit cards and left only with a car loan with ccris 2 and 3 months arrear.

    Recently I applied for a car loan for rm90k (salary average rm8k). 2 banks rejected and alliancebbank called me up to inform me I passed first stage and did an interview with me through phone. After 1 week it was rejected and reason was ccris for my current car.

    If I did a full settlement of my car now will my chances be good?

    Thanks in advance


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Nov 22, 2014 @ 17:06:38

      Hi Leo, sorry I didn’t respond to this earlier. I hope you have gotten your car by now, as it has been a few months.

      CCRIS, as I mentioned in my writing, is a 1 year record, and under the Responsible Financing guidelines, a Bank will have good reason to reject based on CCRIS records. Doing a full settlement do help a bit, but CCRIS will still be showing your 2 months arrears record.

      More importantly is the behavioral analysis for the Bank. If your salary vs commitments are strong, then you might as well regularise the records i.e. make 2 months payments to clear the arrears. But if your Debt servicing ratio is already high, then settling the car will make sense.

      From here, sounds like if you don’t regularise your arrears, you will still have problems with the Banks.


  76. Reyna
    Nov 26, 2014 @ 12:41:00

    I have a problem . I had to buy a car (public bank ) I want to buy houses suddenly my talk there CCRIS bank .
    I then went to the bank to ask public car payment statements from 2013 -jun 2014. I had no problems and Pidada payment arrears . but why BNM CCRIS records during the year 2013.
    what should i do


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Dec 17, 2014 @ 09:46:24

      Hi Reyna,

      if your 2014 payments are prompt, then wait until year end 2014 and re-ask for your end of year statements. Ensure your car payments are prompt.

      The idea is that if you cannot keep a smaller loan payments prompt, then you probably will not be able to keep a bigger loan payment on time as well. Take care of smaller loan payments to open the door for bigger loans.

      Good luck, Reyna


  77. madness
    Dec 04, 2014 @ 12:27:43


    I’m currently facing mess credit card debt, with the total amount of MYR 24K. I’m currently under CCRIS due to bad pay master. Would there be any way that I can restructure all my debt into 1, i.e refinancing my housing loan and consolidate all the debt include car loan into 1 and I only make 1 financial commitment for housing loan. However, my question is which bank that allow me to use the basis to process my application. Based on your experiences, perhaps you could advise me on this matter.

    Thank You


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Dec 17, 2014 @ 09:42:56

      Hi Madness,

      There are some Banks who are willing to take all your debts for consolidation, especially when you have an existing housing loan where the house market value has risen. First approach your existing home financier and talk to them that you need a top-up, and want them to directly pay-off your other debts directly from that Bank. They may consider this approach as they are taking over all your loans without increasing the risks to themselves.

      However, this will only work if your housing loan is in perfect payment schedule. If not, clean up your housing loan payments first for a few months then go for consolidation. Talk to your bankers.

      Good luck.


  78. zulkiply
    Jan 07, 2015 @ 12:56:22


    Saya nak minta nasihat sikit pasal permohonan pinjaman peribadi dan pinjaman perumahan. Dalam tahun 2013 to 2014 saya pernah memohon untuk pinjaman peribadi dan credit card, saja nak cuba sebab saya perlu ada record yang baik di mana-mana bank sebelum membuat pinjaman yang lebih besar so i try credit card,tapi semua permohonan ditolak. Saya cuba lagi tapi kena tolak lagi. I had bad credit history, tapi semua dah selesai, cuma ada satu record masih ada dalam CTOS with remark ” ACCOUNT SETTLED LETTER DATED 22.10.13 “..Last week i checked with CCRIS and my record is clean and the BNM officer told me to check with CTOS which i already requested and got a CTOS report back in 2013. Recently i asked CTOS to removed the report and they replied ” YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN UPDATED AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE REPORTED UNTIL 22.10.2015, THIS IS COMPLIANCE TO THE CREDIT REPORTING AGENCY ACT 2010 “. Saya nak minta pendapat tuan do you think i should apply a housing loan or personal loan again now or should i wait after 22.10.15 to do so?
    Saya hargai jika tuan dapat memberikan tips atau nasihat untuk saya menyelesaikan masalah saya ini.
    Terima kasih.


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Mar 26, 2015 @ 04:02:39

      Apologies for the late reply.

      CTOS cases memang complicated in this sense that records would not be removed for a certain period of time. Personally I feel there are still banks that is willing to consider your case, but you really have to speak the the bank officers upfront and ask if the bank can approve your case before even submitting. You already have all the release letter. You have to communicate your whole situation to the bank officer and get their opinion. You don’t want to submit and get rejected. Don’t submit to “try your luck”.

      Realistically however, I think most banks will ask you to wait until CTOS is clear.

      Hope you already got your loan approved. Good luck


  79. zaffbb
    Jan 23, 2015 @ 17:52:37

    hi.. nak tanya. dalam ccris report saya ada di bahagian Special Attention Account.. di bahagian itu terdapat 3 rekod bank berlainan iaitu kereta (bank lelong), personal loan dan credit card. tetapi di bahagian ccris report tiada sebarang record seperti rekod pembayaran.

    soalan saya
    1. adakah saya layak untuk memohon pinjaman dari bank (kereta,p.loan,cc)

    2. adakah AEON sebahgian dari Bank dan Adakah AEON melihat ccris report peminjam?


  80. Alex
    Mar 24, 2015 @ 10:13:36

    I was in akpk programme, did a full settlement a month ago, and I have all the release letter. Somehow after I printed my CCRIS, it seems that 2 of the banks have not removed my name(probably haven’t update) and I would like to check my CCRIS again next month. However I think I read the terms that ccris can only be obtained every 3 months. So is there anyway I can get my CCRIS reprinted in a months time?


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Mar 26, 2015 @ 03:54:38

      Hi Alex

      Good for you that you have cleared your accounts. Well done.

      As for the CCRIS I do think that there is a limitation on how frequent they can issue the report. They have allowed a few years back to generate the report every 3 months instead of every 6 months previously. I am not sure if this ability is system controlled or not. If it is not, then you probably can get the report from them if you can convince them of a good reason for doing so. I know if it is a dispute case, they can generate it. But not sure for your case they would consider it.
      You can appeal and anything is possible. Good luck.


  81. Faye Chen
    May 26, 2015 @ 23:49:16

    Hi, can an employer (bank, investment bank ) access to my CCRIS report if I am applying a job with them? Thank you


    • Amir Alfatakh
      May 27, 2015 @ 22:03:03

      Hi Faye,
      Morally they shouldn’t but technically they can. Many financial institutions are now doing credit checks on their potential employees before a letter of offer is issued to identify bankrupt persons, bankrupt guarantors or facilities to related parties. For example, if you already have housing loan under joint name with your spouse or parent, you can’t work in that bank because of conflict of interest.
      Generally, the Banks should ask
      Permission to access your credit data (which includes CCRIS) when you apply for a job. Some have included this in their job application form, to which you would have, consciously or unconsciously, consented with your signature


  82. Kumar
    Nov 20, 2015 @ 22:45:50

    My loan has been rescheduled in2009 until 2012. Now no more rescheduled but why the ‘reschedule’ remarks in my ccris report? How to remove it. I got no ccris.


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Nov 23, 2015 @ 17:54:32

      Hi Kumar,
      Sometimes there is residual comments left by financiers that they did not remove upon settlement. I am not sure what remarks are showing in your CCRIS, but as long as you have your settlement letter, that should help you while you check with the bank what that comment is all about.

      Good luck


  83. RD
    Jan 26, 2016 @ 14:34:50

    Hi Amir,
    I’m facing big problem because of the CCRIS problem..The issue is my ex employer used my name as his company partner and register my name at SSM as second director and first director as his wife name..What happened that fellow bought vehicle under company name and informed me will not effect me if i resigned from the compnay..Now the issue is when i trying to buy house it’s failed because the vehicle is under my CCRIS report..i can’t accept it and i don’t know how to solve it due to the cheater was not paying correct installment of the vehicle..how can i come out from the issue..even i can’t apply any loan due to the banker said CCRIS is not good..kindly advise me..please..have any solution..i already have tarik report from SSM


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Apr 04, 2016 @ 20:41:44


      Thats a tough one to resolve. You have to get your name off the company registration but I am assuming that the liabilities cannot be uplifted because you cannot find your “partners”?. It really is a problem because they have cheated you. You have to figure out a way to solve this issue with your partner peacefully, if they are traceable. It is for your future and best interest to solve this properly.

      Apologies as I have no solution or advice I can provide other than this. It is a real danger and I am sorry to hear you are caught in it.

      Hope you find a peaceful solution.


  84. Tan
    Feb 01, 2016 @ 17:24:13

    Hi, I am a guarantor for my husband’s car of $100k.
    Is that counted in my future home loan eligibility?
    Thank you


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Apr 04, 2016 @ 20:36:27

      Generally, it should not be counted as part of CCRIS commitment unless there is a record for the guarantee. Then it becomes a problem; although it won’t add to the “commitment” calculations but it will add to “bad records” consideration.

      Hope that helps


  85. cikcahayarahsia
    Apr 04, 2016 @ 13:45:26

    assalamualaikum tuan, saya ingin meminta sedikit pendapat dan cadangan drpd pihak tuan.

    ceritanya begini, tunang saya baru berumur 21 tahun dan telah mempunyai pekerjaan tetap yang kini telah hampir setahun berkhidmat di sebuah syarikat SDN. BHD.

    memandangkan sebelum ini dia hanya bekerja di kampung, maka dia tidak mempunyai rekod bank yang cantik (keluar masuk yang aktif) dan tidak pernah mempunyai sebarang hutang / komitmen.

    baru-baru ini tunang ada membuat permohonan pinjaman peribadi bagi tujuan perniagaan dan juga permohonan kad kredit memandangkan gaji kasar dia mencecah rm3k sebulan. namun kedua-dua permohonannya telah ditolak kerana dia adalah seorang yang bebas hutang (zero komitmen)

    jadi sy ingin minta pendapat tuan, bagaimanakah cara termudah dan terpantas utk mencipta rekod hutang (nak buat komitmen) memandang semua permohonan telah ditolak.

    adakah dengan membeli barang menggunakan aeon kredit drpd senheng / singer / aeon boleh dikira sebagai komitmen juga ?

    minta pendapat tuan dengan segera #Bingung #MatiAkal


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Apr 04, 2016 @ 20:48:08

      The quickest way is to also ask your wife company if they provide staff loan. If they do, take it; it is usually tied to a bank. Another option that someone has tried is ASB financing where the loan is tagged to a security ie ASB itself, so it is fully secured. Banks are more inclined to provide financing when there is security. Personal loans are unsecured with no collateral, and so it is for credit cards therefore tighter credit requirements. Something like ASB financing can work, but be careful of the huge commitment and the nature of ASB investments. Understand the products first before taking. Another option is to go into a small joint loan with an established individual. If you have siblings that have good credit records and willing to help, why not go into a small loan jointly with them? After you got your record, apply for your own loans and pay off the joint loan.

      It is hard to start financing if you dont have a record. Tricky but do try the above. Maybe one will work.

      Good luck


  86. cikcahayarahsia
    Apr 04, 2016 @ 13:53:58

    assalam tuan saya perlukan bantuan dan cadangan,

    bagaimana nak buat rekod pinjaman bg org yang tak pernah meminjam eh.
    buat personal loan xlulus, buat kad kredit pn xlulus, mcm mana nak buat rekod tu, nak beli moto, moto dah ada, (tp nama org lain la), boleh ke beli tv atau barang elektrik drpd senheng ataupun singer utk buat rekod tu (nak buat komitmen)


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Apr 04, 2016 @ 20:50:17


      I have replied the above in your other question. Hope one of the method works. Good luck



  87. Mei Chan
    Apr 07, 2016 @ 11:39:27

    Sir, i have apply car loan for a new car, but my agent told me, i can’t get a approval from bank, because my old car loan have owing four month installment. but now my old car loan balance left around RM2,000, if i clear it by this Apr2016, then BNM how long will be delete my bad record? if i want apply for personal loan on May2016, Sir think can proceed or not? please give me advise ASAP. thank you very much Sir.


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Apr 07, 2016 @ 12:44:09

      Hi Mei Chan,

      If the bank is looking at CCRIS, they will see the last 12 months track record. So if to clean your record it is 12 months….

      Just by paying off, it doesn’t clean the CCRIS immediately. CCRIS is intended to show “behaviour” rather than outstabding amount.

      Hope that helps clarify. Good luck, Mei Chan.



      • Mei Chan
        Apr 07, 2016 @ 14:14:48

        Sir, if i paying off the outstanding, i can go to BNM there delete my bad “behaviour” record?

      • Amir Alfatakh
        Apr 07, 2016 @ 18:31:15

        Hi Mei Chan,

        It doesnt work like that. BNM is not the owner of the records, they only get the reports from the various banks into their system and produce the CCRIS report as a credit reference for other user banks. BNM cant delete anything from their reports, because its flowed from all the banks.

        If you go to the particular banks, the bank can only update the current month status ie they cannot re-adjust or amend the previous reported status. Those has become historical records. It will get cleaned over a period of time.

        Hope that helps, Mei Chan

  88. Zurina
    Apr 21, 2016 @ 16:43:30

    Encik Amir,
    Can you advise me. My ex husband bought a house in 2008. It was under my name and his. However last 2 months, i received a notice for bankrupcy due to outstanding amounting of 30k for my house installment. 18 months outstanding. To cut it short, i manage to pay the outstanding, withdraw the auction notice,bankruptcy notice and keep it current now.

    My question is,
    1.The bank officer said that my name is blacklisted and will only be clear if i do full settlement of the house or sell it.When i checked CTOS, my name is under Special Attention Account.
    Is there anyway that if i pay consistently for the next 2 years, request for my name to be clear in CCRIS and CTOS and allow me to take up loans.

    2. I have a credit card debt that is almost 10 years but when i checked with CTOS and CCRIS, the record do not appear in the report. Why? Should i check with the bank directly ?


  89. Farah
    Aug 08, 2017 @ 18:00:36

    Salam encik,

    Saya nak tanya adakah ada apa-apa kesan andai saya apply loan untuk kereta, but then the bank approve for half amount only and I didn’t have much downpayment untuk beli kereta tu.
    Then, saya cancel beli kereta tu and the seller said that my name will be recorded in CCRIS.
    lepas pada 5bulan, saya nak apply loan lagi sekali untuk beli kereta lain which is cheaper than before this.
    adakah application saya nanti akan direject oleh bank? atau hanya sekadar nama je record dalam ccris?
    I’m a good loan payer dan takde outstanding loan amount pun.
    saya confuse pasal nama tu je.

    Thanks 🙂


    • Amir Alfatakh
      Aug 08, 2017 @ 18:09:20

      Salam Farah….
      Unfortunately orang yang tengok your CCRIS takkan tahu cerita ni. Dari rekod, apa yang dia nampak ada jumlah yang di pohon… dan tidak menjadi kepada loan. Pada fahaman office bank tu, application ada… tapi tak jadi kepada loan, mungkin sebab di reject oleh bank ie ada sebab kenapa di reject. This is an amber flag. Walaupun sebenarnya, Cik Farah yang reject amount tu. Rekod tu akan kekal, tapi dari bank ke bank, mereka mungkin berbeza interpretation. It is a risk to cancel after approval, so keep your letter of offer to show the bank that loan tu bukan kena reject tapi you tak nak proceed.


      • Farah
        Aug 10, 2017 @ 11:32:50

        Ohh I see…but rekod tu hanya kekal dalam masa within 12 months right? after that it is not a problem kan. im confuse.

      • Amir Alfatakh
        Aug 10, 2017 @ 11:36:01

        Salam Farah,
        The payment record, yes it stays for 12 months, but for record of application of financing, I think it stays there… i might be wrong.

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