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Questions You Must Ask Yourself…


Question mark Many times, homebuyers fail to properly plan when deciding to purchase a property and finding a financing package to SUIT the property purchase strategy. Only later, do homebuyers find that although they have found the best financing package, there is still a mismatch as it is not the RIGHT financing package. If the financing package benefits the homebuyer in the short-term, the homebuyer’s strategy must also be to HOLD the property for a short term. <click here>

Also, be careful of the hidden clauses in your letter of offer, and understand the impact of such clauses. To read more <click here>

Types of Home Financing products

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Question mark There are many types of different home financing packages out there. Before you decide on the best package that suits YOUR needs, you must understand the basic differences as well as its advantages / disadvantages of the various products available in the market. <click here>